Unique Engagement Jewelry For Different Budgets And Tastes

Unique Engagement Jewelry For Different Budgets And Tastes
Princess Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are seeking the best rings for engagements, this post would be for you. Discover which the top jewelry pieces for engagements for any taste and budget are this year.

A Classic Engagement Ring

Classic is still among the descriptors for the best-known engagement jewelry styles. People love trend-driven sparklers, but classic jewelry pieces are better signs of engagement statuses. These rings have sophistication and simplicity alongside traditional diamond shapes and no-frills designs that never go out of vogue. A trend comes and goes but classic diamond rings are here to stay.

A Classic Ring With A Modern Twist

Jewelers are reinterpreting conventional engagement rings with brilliant design details. It is always a good idea to choose a ring with a solitaire diamond or channel setting. Round, cushion and princess halo diamond engagement rings are also classic options with a modern twist. A diamond halo setting often complements a classic diamond shape at the center, making the centerpiece more prominent. Besides princess cut halo diamond engagement rings, jewelry pieces with emerald-shaped diamonds and marquise-cut diamonds always offer regal vibes.

A Dramatic Metal Band Ring

Are you seeking a statement piece with an engagement ring? If so, a ring featuring a dramatic metal band is what you are looking for. Consider it as the obverse of a ring that features a delicate metal band. A fiery and vibrant gem can also create a dramatic impression even in a smaller engagement ring.

The dramatic band and gemstone together must generate a strong visual impact. Sometimes, customers with delicate fingers favor dramatic jewelry styles contrasting with their physical features. A dramatic ring typically has a larger stone, which makes it costlier than usual. It explains why almost every dramatic ring design lacks a diamond as the centerpiece stone.

A Vintage-Inspired Ring

This form of engagement ring reflects the passion and beauty of antique styles. Unforgettable fashion elements from history inspire vintage rings. Vintage diamond rings offer conventional craftsmanship as well as the glamor and romance of yesteryear.

Out of the broad variety of precious metals, white metals will continue to have the most demand in vintage rings. However, unorthodox vintage rings are also available in the market, with contemporary metals as innovative settings. Round and fancy diamond options such as diamond halos are often in stunning rings with a vintage touch.

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