Comparison Between Princess Cut And Round Cut Diamonds

There are a lot of factors that decide the perfect diamond for a person. Some of the common features that are considered while selecting a diamond are the cost and brilliance of the stone. Diamonds are available in so many shapes and the princess cut and round cut are the most popular among those. Each of these diamonds has its own distinct qualities that make it elegant in different settings. The major differences between the princess cut diamond and the round cut diamonds are as follows.


The princess cut diamonds were created during 1961 in London. In the introductory stage, it was known as profile cut and eventually, it gained the title of the princess cut. It is one of the most unique shaped diamonds because it is a square shaped diamond with a rectangular outline. This diamond has about 58 facets and also a broad elegant face.

Round cut diamonds are one of the oldest diamond cuts and it was introduced during 1919. Since it is the diamond that is capable of reflecting maximum sparkles, it is the most popular diamond cut among the people. These diamonds also have 58 facets and its symmetrical shape is responsible for displaying brilliant texture to the viewers. Cutting a round diamond is a hard task hence it is more expensive than other diamonds with equal size.


During the process of creating a princess cut diamond, the makers can utilize more than 80 percent of the whole rough diamond, that is, only less than 20 percent of the diamond will be wasted during the manufacturing of princess cut diamonds thus it is comparatively less expensive than a round cut diamonds. However, some variants of princess cut diamonds like the one with a square outline will be having almost the same price of round cut diamonds.

Round cut diamonds are one of the most expensive diamonds around the world. The high price of these diamonds is not only because of the complexity in its making but also because of its popularity and demand. In addition to that, a lot of rough diamond is wasted during the process of cutting around diamonds and it also leads to a higher price.


The round cut is the perfect diamond design that can reflect maximum light than other cuts. The large number of facets and the flawless symmetrical shape of a round diamond will result in better reflection of light. If a person is looking for a diamond that can give maximum sparkles, a round diamond is their best choice.

The Princess cut diamonds are available in two different cuts such as brilliant cut and radiant cut. It is also available in different designs such as with square outline and rectangular outline. Hence the visual elegance of the princess cut diamonds varies depending on these factors. However, none of the variants of the princess cut diamond will exhibit sparkles like a round cut diamond.


Color is one of the major factors considered while purchasing a diamond because it is available in different colors. While choosing a colored princess cut diamond it would be better to choose the one with a deeper shade than the one with a pale shade. This is because the radiant cut diamonds are more elegant when it is colorful.

Round cut diamonds are also available in so many different shades. However, while choosing a round cut diamond, it is better to look for colorless or the ones with lower color grades to preserve its sparkling effect. Colored diamonds are also beautiful but it will suppress its traditional elegance.


Clarity is one of the important aspects that must be checked while buying a diamond. The clarity grade is the representation of imperfections on both inside and outside the stone. If a person is on a low budget, they can choose a round diamond with minor flaws because its design is good at covering the imperfections. This is because the multiple facets and sparkling effect will camouflage all the defects on inside and outside of the stone.

If a person is looking for a princess cut diamond, he or she will have to choose one with higher clarity grade because these designs will exhibit all the external flaws, especially those on the corners, of the stone. If they don’t have enough money, they can choose a ring setting like halo to cover up the imperfections of the diamond.

Criteria Princess Cut Round Cut
Origin 1961 1919
Price Low High
Brilliance Low High
Color Deeper Shade Colorless or Pale Shade
Clarity Higher Clarity Lower Clarity

The above mentioned are some of the basic differences between a round cut and a princess cut diamond ring. If you are planning to get one of these rings, you must consider not only the above factors but also the shape that is suiting for your partner. No matter which type of ring you are on the hunt for, RockHer allows you to customize the perfect ring for your special moment.

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