Best Timeless Engagement Ring Designs For You To Choose

Best Timeless Engagement Ring Designs For You To Choose
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

The styles, trends, and designs in engagement rings will change over time. Most people are always looking for the latest designs in engagement rings so that they can stand apart from others. However, there is a lot of timeless engagement ring designs that are loved by people. They were popular among people even before decades and they won’t lose their fame any time soon.

If you are looking for classic, timeless designs for your engagement rings, then the options listed below can be suitable for you:

Solitaire Engagement Ring

This is a simple yet elegant design that is commonly preferred by a lot of people. It is an excellent and stunning choice for you to show off your big center stone. This design will have a large single stone set on a simple band.

The specialty of this design is that there will be no other factors that can take away the attention from your center stone. So this design shows off your diamond with all its elegance and brilliance.

Additionally, it can suit all diamond cuts and shapes including round, princess, heart, pear, radiant, oval, cushion, etc. Therefore, you will get a large variety of options for you to choose from so that you don’t have to limit yourself.

Halo Engagement

If you want your engagement ring to be sparkly, then this creates a wonderful option for you. In a halo design, your center stone will be surrounded by many small stones. Hence, the shine and sparkle exhibited by all these stones will increase the overall brilliance of your ring.

A round brilliant halo design creates a classic and astonishing engagement ring. However, if you want to go for something unconventional, then a princess cut halo diamond ring is a perfect choice for you. The princess halo diamond rings offer a daring and edgy look with their square/rectangular shape and sharp corners.

Three Stone Design

This is another timeless design that gives you the freedom to experiment with different stones, colors, and shapes. It will have a big center stone and two small stones set on either side of this stone.

You can choose different diamond shapes and colors for your center stone and side stones. For example, you can choose a white princess cut diamond for your center stone and blue cushion cut diamonds for your side stones to create a vibrant color combination.

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