Why Is A Halo Setting The Preferred Choice For Engagement Rings?

Why Is A Halo Setting The Preferred Choice For Engagement Rings?
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

A halo setting is one of the versatile options you can get for your engagement ring, as there is a wide variety of designs and styles found with this particular setting. It is also known for its spectacular shine.

Halo diamond rings create a stunning and shiny option for your engagement ring. As they can be suitable for all diamond shapes, you can choose a ring design that you like the best. Discussed below, are the best reasons for opting for an engagement ring with a halo setting.

It Is A Highly Versatile Choice

You can find a gazillion styles of halo engagement rings. This ring setting allows you to choose a wide variety of diamond shapes for your engagement ring, as it can complement most diamond shapes including round, cushion, pear, oval, heart, and more.

The round-cut halo engagement rings are the most popular choice among people, however, there is an impressive range of other non-traditional halo rings available for you including a princess halo diamond ring that can offer a distinct look with their specific shape.

If you want your ring to have a modern appeal but love the shine of a round brilliant stone, then a princess cut halo diamond ring can be a wonderful choice for you, as they offer a contemporary look along with creating stunning bling. Additionally, the accent stones present in these rings can also accentuate the shine of your princess halo ring.


Halo rings can be more affordable than solitaires in most cases. For a solitaire ring, you will have to choose a big center stone that can be costly. Nonetheless, by choosing a halo ring, you can compromise on the carat weight of your center diamond, as the accent stones surrounding it can create an illusion that the stone is bigger than it is. This can help to save a huge amount on your center stone. Also, as the accent stones are available for much cheaper rates, they won’t cost you a huge amount. So, you can get a halo ring for more affordable rates in comparison with a solitaire ring of a higher carat weight.

Some other benefits associated with a halo ring setting include its extra sparkle, stunning look, and wide availability. If you choose a flashy ring for your engagement, then a halo ring can be a wonderful choice for you. A halo setting also gives you the freedom to “mix and match” different gemstones and colored diamonds to make your ring more vibrant.

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