Why Halo Design is a Great Choice for your Engagement Ring?

Why Halo Design is a Great Choice for your Engagement Ring?
Princess Diamond Halo Ring

Halo design is one of the most stunning engagement ring designs that is admired by brides all across the world. This design became famous for its spectacular brilliance and delicate beauty. If you want to add a bigger appearance for your center stone, this is the best choice. This magnificent design will never fail to attract people with this elegance and shine.

In a halo ring, the center stone will be surrounded by an array of small accent stones that will make the center diamond look larger than it really is. Therefore, it makes a wonderful choice for people who want a big center stone but cannot afford it. A halo ring will provide a bigger appearance for your stone, hence, even if you have a small stone, you can give it a bigger intuition at a small rate.

The Origin

The halo design made its entry in the 1920s when the Art Deco style became prominent. Now they have become the most popular rings that are favoredby people all over the world after the classic solitaire rings. Halo rings are almost similar to classic solitaires, but with a beautiful and stylish twist.

The most classic version of halo rings includes a big colorless center stone encircled by colorless accent stones on a white band either made of platinum or white gold. Even though the classic style is usually made up of round brilliant diamonds, a princess diamond halo ring and a cushion-cut halo ring can also be considered as classic. These two options will add a distinct touch to your classic halo ring.

If you want to add an extravagant look to your halo ring, you can wrap accent stones in the band also. It will add more sparkle to your ring. If you choose to add stones on your shank, it is better to add the same number of stones on both sides to make it symmetrical to follow the Art Deco style.

A Look at Halo Ring Options

If you want to add something extra to your classic halo ring, there are an enormous number of possibilities for you to choose from. You can personalize your ring by adding extra features to the halo design for representing your unique style and preferences. Following are some options for making your halo engagement ring unique.

Center stone

In the classic halo style, you may usually find round brilliant stones as both center stone as well as accent diamonds. Princess cut halo diamond rings and cushion cut halo rings are also very popular. If you want to add a colorful twist to your ring, you may choose to include fancy colored diamonds or other gemstones as your center stone.

To make your halo ring more affordable, you can add a cluster of small stones in the center instead of a big center stone. It will still look like a big center stone and will also reduce the price of the ring considerably.

Cut of the Center Stone

Round halo ring, princess diamond halo ring and cushion-cut halo rings are usually considered as classic halo designs. However, it does not mean that these are the only options available for you. You may also choose pear, marquise and emerald-cut diamonds for adding a beautiful look for your halo ring.

A combination of these center stones and round brilliant diamonds as accent stones will create a dazzling brilliance that cannot be matched by anything else.

Color of Accent Stones

The classic design includes colorless center diamonds surrounded by colorless accent stones. But if you want to customize your ring, you can choose contrasting colors for your stones. This will make your halo ring more unique. It is also possible to add gemstones as your accent stones. Some of the wonderful options include rubies and sapphires that surrounds a colorless diamond. You may also choose to reverse this option by adding a coloredcenter stone and colorless accent stones.

Number of Halos

In the quest for adding more brilliance and sparkle to halo ring, jewelers have developed double and triple halos. These rings will have double or triple rows of accent stones surrounding the ring. With the increase in the number of rows, your ring will look more and more bigger. Hence, even if you have a very small center stone, you can make it look bigger.


The shanks can be plain or with accent stones embedded in them. A plain shank will give you a simpler look, whereas shanks with accent stones will add more bling to your ring. However, covering the entire shank with stones will make it difficult to resize the ring, therefore, it is better to leave the downside of the ring plain. You can also consider a split shank design, where the band will be split into two different narrower bands.

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