What Do You Know About Diamond Fluorescence?

What Do You Know About Diamond Fluorescence?
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring

If you’re a fan of diamonds, you already know that the 4Cs of diamonds — carat, color, clarity, and cut — are the most important factors for most diamond buyers. If you’ve already done some research on those topics, that’s fantastic. However, most people do not know that there is another factor that they need to consider when buying a Princess cut halo diamond ring or a round brilliant cut diamond ring, which is the diamond fluorescence.

Keep on reading this article to know more about diamond fluorescence.

What Is Diamond Fluorescence?

According to expert jewelers, diamond fluorescence is a diamond’s reaction to being exposed to ultraviolet light. To put it another way, UV light has the ability to make your teeth whiter and your dark posters glow in the dark. This does not imply that diamonds with fluorescence will always appear white, as the vast majority of fluorescing diamonds (99 out of 100) will reflect blue light.

How Is Diamond Fluorescence Checked?

There are a number of ways to check the diamond fluorescence and here are some of those.

Check Whether The Diamond Is Cloudy

There are differences between a cloudy fluorescence diamond and a clear grease diamond, so make sure you clean your diamond thoroughly before using it.

Use A UV Blacklight

Bank tellers often use blacklights to verify banknotes and you can use these blacklights to instantly determine whether or not your diamond has fluorescence. This is the simplest method for beginners to check the diamond fluorescence.

Put It Under White Light

To see if your diamond is fluorescent, turn it under white light (you could use your lamp) and look for a faint blue glow emanating from the diamond facets.

Check The Diamond Certificate

This method is probably the most convenient for buyers who are looking for a speedy purchase. GIA and HRD report clearly state whether or not a diamond exhibits fluorescence.

Benefits Of Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescence-enhanced diamonds tend to be less expensive than non-fluorescent diamonds, making it possible to purchase a larger carat diamond at a lower cost. In the case of second-grade colors such as J color, you may be able to wear a “whiter” diamond because a little fluorescence can make the diamond appear as white as an I color diamond.

Bottom Line

There is a good chance that diamond fluorescence is the cause of a price difference between two identical Princess halo diamond rings with the same 4C grading.

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