Valuable Tips to Choose the Right Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Valuable Tips to Choose the Right Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
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Once you decide to propose to the love of your life, the first and most important factor that you may consider will be a diamond engagement ring. This process can be a bit daunting. After all, you have to choose a sparkler that can impress your better half at the very first sight. Usually, you may mainly focus on the center diamond of your ring since it marks your union with your partner for eternity.

It is always better to consider a diamond that suits your personality and style. Note that the trends in the diamond industry tend to change frequently and if you choose a diamond just because it is in vogue, you are likely to regret in the future. Otherwise, go for a classic option such as a round brilliant cut diamond that can stand the rest of time. However, millennial couples prefer to steer away from this conventional option. Rather, they tend to gravitate towards the captivating fancy cut diamonds.

On a related note, the most popular fancy cut is the princess diamond cut. Plus, people, especially women from all walks of life can blindly go for this ultimate option. In other words, anyone irrespective of your style, age, and persona can go for it since it is equally elegant, stylish, sleek, and classy. You do not have to be stressed about the design going out of vogue as well since the princess diamond cut defines timelessness. If you are also planning to choose a princess cut diamond engagement ring set, you may refer to the following details.


The princess diamond cut is characterized by its square silhouette and angled corners. In addition, the clean lines, symmetrical pattern, and compactly organized facets in the stone offers an extremely striking and brilliant appeal to it when set in an engagement ring. In fact, princess cut diamonds are often referred to as modified brilliants because of its facet numbers and organization that gives it an incredible bling. Before purchasing such this alluring beauty, there are certain factors that you must consider so as to pick the right option.

Clarity grade

An important factor that determines the quality of a diamond is its clarity grade. It is to be noted that a high-quality diamond will be void of inclusions or flaws. When it comes to princess cut diamonds, the visibility of inclusions will be less because of its unique faceting pattern. In simple words, you can nail your flawless diamond purchase at a relatively lower cost. For buyers who desire to put on an engagement ring that features a visibly flawless princess cut diamond, the clarity graded such as SI1, VS1, and VS2 will be perfect. Besides, make sure that there are no flaws in the corners of your princess cut diamonds. The angled corners of these square cut diamonds are its weakest points and the presence of inclusions will make these corners even weaker.

Color grade

The Princess diamond cut is perfect to mask color tints in the stone. In case you choose higher color grades such a D, E, or F for your princess cut diamond engagement ring, it will be a sheer waste of money. Rather, consider a princess cut stone that boasts slightly lower color grades or is visually colorless to get the best bang for your bucks. Otherwise, it will be like spending a good amount of your money on something that you cannot see. Note that princess cut diamonds are one of the most expensive fancy cut stones. Furthermore, consider metal settings including yellow gold, antique gold, rose gold, etc., to set your slightly colorless princess cut diamonds. In case you set your gemstone using brighter metal options, their mirror-like reflection will make the color tints in your diamond more evident.

Diamond ring settings

Once you decided on your princess cut diamond, move on to the setting of your diamond engagement ring. Fortunately, there are tons of options when it comes to princess cut diamond ring setting; you may choose that one that fits in your budget and lifestyle. Some of the perfect options that you may consider are given below.

Solitaire diamond ring setting

A princess cut diamond flaunts its own panache and charisma. Hence, a solitaire diamond ring setting will be ideal to show off its true beauty and elegance. Usually, the main gemstone is set high on the ring using prong setting to attract the attention as well as the envy of every passerby. If you are an admirer of vintage or sophisticated designs, consider a yellow gold metal band. Otherwise, consider platinum or white gold metal setting to showcase a sleek, understated, and stylish appeal.

An unexpected twist

The versatile appeal of princess cut diamonds allows it to set in a number of ways. Note that all the trendsetters would love giving their princess cut diamond engagement rings an unexpected twist by adding other diamond cuts. One of the popular options for this is princess cut halo diamond rings in which the center stone will be encircled with a layer of tiny round diamonds. If you are looking for something edgy and sophisticated, a double or triple princess halo diamond ring will be your way to go. Another stunning and timeless option that you may consider is the three stone diamond ring setting. Here, your princess cut diamond will be flanked with a round brilliant or any other fancy cut diamond on each side.

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