Things to Remember Before You Buy a Radiant Cut Diamond

Things to Remember Before You Buy a Radiant Cut Diamond
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Radiant Cut Diamond

The radiant cut is a popular diamond cut, which averages around 70 facets. The specialty of the cut is that it forms perfect square adorned with rounded edges. The diamonds with this cut appear very brilliant. In fact, it was made to combine the brilliance of round brilliant cut and emerald cut. Like every other cut, there are many interesting features for diamonds with radiant cuts. There are disadvantages too, so make sure you consider both aspects before deciding to go with a radiant cut diamond. Below is a discussion about the features of radiant cut diamonds.

The Benefits

The radiant cut diamond which was introduced in are square in shape and has eight equally gapped sides. Note that the cut blends two distinct styles- a pavilion with a brilliant cut and the step cut on the crown. The cut is a great combination of the attractive outline of the emerald diamond and the sparkly brilliance of a round brilliant diamond. Furthermore, they are characterized by 53 to 70 facets. This factor accounts to the impressive glow of the diamonds with the radiant cut.

The Versatility Of The Cut

The radiant cut is definitely one of the most versatile settings available. They are employed in many designs, as they are well suited to most. There are certain diamond settings like halo or pave diamond setting which does not match well with all diamond shapes. However, the radiant cut offers attractive looks with almost every diamond shape.

Intensity Of Brilliance

Diamonds are revered mainly for their brilliance. It is one of the chief parameters that determine the attractiveness of the diamond. The radiant cut offers amazing brilliance which is attained due to the deep cut and the numerous facets of the stone.

Rounded Corners Prevent Breakage

Another major advantage of radiant cut diamonds is the presence of truncated corners. This protects the diamond from impacts and sudden breakage upon collision with hard materials. It takes immense force to break a diamond. Further, the presence of rounded corners means that it would be very difficult to break the diamond. These are well protected in comparison to Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings. If the prongs are employed, it ensures the full protection of the ring.

Absence of Sharp Edges

One of the things you do not have to worry about in comparison to your Princess Diamond Halo Ring is that the sharp edges do not protrude dangerously. It allows you to take part in activities without having to worry about safety. For instance, you would be able to arrange your hair even with your rings on.

Does Not Amplify Flaws

The radiant cut diamonds do not magnify the flaws of the diamond. Thus, you can go ahead and buy a radiant cut diamond that comes in an S12 grade or higher on the GIA scale. The high number of facets ensures that the blemishes, inclusions, and tints are well hidden. Many of the inclusions remain unseen to the naked eyes, while the bigger ones are hidden by the radiant cut.

Choice of Prices

The major flaws of the diamond such as flaws and inclusions are reduced in this cut of diamonds. This means there is a much wider choice of prices for the engagement rings to choose from. Diamonds with blemishes are a better choice than diamonds with both blemishes and higher value. By making this choice, you can get a higher carat value for the same amount of money.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Radiant cut is one of the best choices of cuts when it comes to fancy colored diamonds. It is available in colors such as red, blue, pink and brown. Hence it remains to be one of the popular choices among the other cuts. It glows well in comparison to the other diamonds and thus increases its worth among all the diamond cuts.

Freedom of Design

Remember that there are no written rules regarding their design. There are no standards that determine the lengths and breadths of the diamonds. Hence, a greater degree of freedom is obtained when the designs are being created.

Disadvantages of A Radiant Cut Diamond

A radiant cut diamond is very popular among fancy colored diamonds. However, there is an issue that may concern you when you want to purchase these diamonds. There is only a limited number of clear and white diamonds available in this category. It is advisable that you purchase a loose diamond and design a diamond ring of your wish.

Radiant cut diamonds are very effective in concealing the blemishes, flaws, and inclusions of diamonds. The deep cut of the diamonds is the reason behind this. This, however, has a slight issue. Your one-carat diamond may not appear as large as the one-carat diamonds of the other cuts. You can solve this problem by getting a bigger diamond with fewer flaws.

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