The Definitive Engagement Ring Guide for Men

The Definitive Engagement Ring Guide for Men
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Engagement Ring Guide

Shopping for an engagement ring rates among the most important purchases you would ever make in your whole life. It goes without saying that you should really make it count. This is the ring that your love is probably going to wear daily, and it would always hopefully endure and remain as a beautiful symbol of your love. However, the shopping part can be exceptionally hard if you are not sure of what you are doing.

There are a number of ring styles out there these days, including pear diamond rings, emerald-cut diamond rings; princess cut halo diamond rings, and lots more. Most of the time, it is men that are most likely to struggle with indecision. The first thing to consider while buying a ring is its centerpiece. Below is a list of engagement ring styles which should give you a push forward in the process.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

If you are planning to buy a classic engagement ring, there is nothing that can really rival the solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire engagement rings are designed by holding the focus on the center stone. Nine times out of ten, this would be an awesome choice out of the available diamond shape options. The solitaire rings of nowadays feature extra detailing, making them look more classic and distinctive.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are an excellent choice when you are shopping for a bride who wishes to stand out from the crowd. The halo ring would have a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the center diamond. A halo setting would change the overall outlook of your ring, making it sparkle like nobody’s business, along with making the center diamond appear larger. Halo diamond rings rose to fame from the fact of being able to add extra value to the ring by increasing the entire carat weight of diamonds present in the ring. You could also combine other styles with a halo ring, such as by adding a pave to the band.

Pave Engagement Rings

Unlike the halo setting, which adds layers of smaller diamonds around the center diamond, the pave setting adds an extra layer of diamond to the band. This setting got its name because the ring band seems to be paved with diamonds. The popularity of the pave setting increased over the decades, as it has the ability to make classic bands look more distinguishable without excessive inclusion of diamonds. You could also combine other ring styles along with a pave setting.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

We are familiar with the halo diamond rings having a layer of the smaller set of diamonds around the centerpiece; the three stone setting, unlike this one, has two large diamonds placed beside the center diamond. You would be able to bring out a wide range of looks with this setting, for example, the vintage-inspired pave setting shows off a sparkling cluster of three large diamonds, while the modern three stone diamond set makes use of channel set diamonds. With both of these options, the three stone setting proves to be truly versatile. This set has the charm to get along with the taste and personal style of any bride.

Double Halo Engagement Rings

Where the traditional halo ring has a single set of diamonds around the center stone; the double halo has two sets of diamonds going around the center diamond. The light reflected from these peripheral stones creates an extremely brilliant aura. Since the double halo engagement ring set has two halos, you would be able to get twice that jaw-dropping beauty, just like a double rainbow. The larger appearance of the ring is one reason this is a favorite among budget shoppers who want a glamorous ring at a lower price.

Cluster Engagement Ring

The cluster setting has a group of smaller diamonds that are clustered together along with a larger center stone, the making feeling of a huge solitaire diamond ring. The cost of smaller clustered diamonds is generally lower than that of larger solitaire diamond, having the same weight which makes the cluster rings all the more attractive. This is also a good setting, which would lend you a hand to step out of the bounds of tradition.

The cluster of diamonds has an ability to make the diamond in the ring look larger and more appealing. Most of the time the cluster rings are made using round brilliant cut diamonds with a prong setting; however, some designers create round, pearl, oval, and heart-shaped settings using the diamond cluster. Cluster diamond rings have soared to immense levels of popularity among the brides of recent times. This is largely because of the fact that wearing one would make you look distinctive; plus, it would seem as if you were wearing a much bigger diamond ring.

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