Six Trending Engagement Ring Styles on Pinterest

Six Trending Engagement Ring Styles on Pinterest
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Engagement Ring Styles

Are you looking for the most sought-after ring styles as part of your research on which piece to buy for your lover? Pinterest shared a list of the most searched styles, and it is safe to say that there are a few surprises in it. So if you are the kind of person who peeks into the shopping cart of the one near you to see what he or she is picking up, we have got quite the list for you. Jewelry experts say that these engagement ring styles will be trendier in 2020.

Seamless Halo Ring

This is the most popular engagement ring style on the social media network, with searches for it increasing by 565%. This is one where tinier stones are put around a center diamond, but the setting is custom designed to fit. This craftsmanship makes it seamless, without gaps preset around the central stone.

Turquoise Ring

A turquoise is a different option from a conventional diamond, and it is relatively more cost-effective than the latter. Diamonds can still adorn a ring with a turquoise gemstone at the center. The search volumes for turquoise and diamond rings are up by 208% on Pinterest. So if you prefer a bluish gemstone, this ring might be the best option for you.

Elongated Cushion Cut Ring

An elongated-cut stone gives the illusion of a bigger-carat one, and the same goes for the cushion shape too. Elongated pillow cut pieces are up by 143% in searches, plus these are a contemporary twist on the more conventional cushion shape.

Sunburst Ring

This is one more version of a traditional diamond halo, with the kind of halo looking similar to a flower or sunburst around a center diamond. Engagement rings with this unique setting have increased by 106% in searches on Pinterest.

Marquise Ring

Usually, marquise engagement rings are less popular than those featuring round brilliant cut diamonds. That said, these pieces appear to be coming back strongly, and a 258% increase in the searches is an indication of that resurgence.

Lavender Sapphire Ring

Engagement rings with this sapphire have traditionally been worn by people for protection, spirituality and good fortune. Sapphire with purple color is thought to offer these benefits. Searches for these rings have gone up by 83% on the social media network.

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