Should You Get A Double Halo Engagement Ring?

Should You Get A Double Halo Engagement Ring?
Double Halo Princess Cut Diamond Ring
Double Halo Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The dream of every bride is to wear a diamond ring that shines the most. In fact, there is nothing that can make an attire look classier than a shiny ring. A double halo engagement ring can be called one of the brightest diamond rings. This ring features two rows of smaller stones around the centerpiece attracting everyone’s eye to the bride’s finger. If you are looking for a diamond ring with brilliance, this post will help you get an idea.

What Are Double Halo Engagement Rings?

These rings have two rows of small stones surrounding the large stone in the middle. The two rows of stones are usually visible. But, there are rings with one row visible and another row hidden. Which one you get depends on what your bride likes.

Why Should You Get A Double Halo Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring shows how much you value your bride. So why not add a few carats? Each halo causes an increase of 0.5 carats and adds elegance to the ring. Moreover, halos make the ring look bigger. The catch is that you only need to buy a 3-carat ring as it will look like a 4-carat ring because of the effect of the halo. So, in short, you will be paying less for a ring that looks costlier. In other words, a 3-carat princess cut double halo diamond ring will look costlier than a 3-carat princess cut halo diamond ring.

What Should You Remember Before Buying A Double Halo Ring?

As said before, there are two types of double halo diamond rings- with both the rows visible and one hidden. For the maximum impact and sparkle, it is advised to buy a ring with a G- colored center stone. When it comes to double halo rings, it is best to buy a ring with the halo stones of quality and color somewhat similar to the center stone. So, if you buying a G-colored stone, it would be best if the halo stones are also G-colored. The attractiveness of the ring might reduce if the contrast between the stones stands out.

There are different types of double halo engagement rings. However, the below ones top the list.

Double Halo Princess Cut Diamond Ring

This is not a typical ring and is sure to hold an elegance that will match other premium styled rings.

Double Floating Halo Cathedral Diamond Ring

This ring gives your center diamond stone an enhanced sparkle.

Make sure to buy a ring that your bride will like. Enquire about her choices with her close friends and buy one keeping her likes in mind.

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