Reasons to Prefer a Halo Engagement Ring

Reasons to Prefer a Halo Engagement Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Halo Engagement Ring

People always take their time looking through the options when picking out an engagement ring. It can be fun going through pictures of rings, but also hard putting in the time it takes to go through and learn the benefits that some rings offer. The easiest thing to do is get fixated on the visual appeal and completely overlook the important features, including how the setting fits your budget and protects the center stone in the long run. Following is a look at some of the benefits you can expect from one of the most popular ring styles out there: the diamond halo.

These Give the Most Shine for your Buck

Rings are meant to sparkle, and a halo ring can make sure that is exactly what you get. Apart from the scintillating presence of the center diamond, halo rings also give you the benefit of the several smaller stones surrounding it, effectively lending more fire and pizzazz to the whole assembly. Deeper color generally comes out in flashes from the center stone, while the smaller ones give out brighter white light. Taken together, these two things make for a wonderful ring which does not break the bank for you.

They Occupy More Space on the Finger

A lot of times a shopper’s budget can stand in the way of them getting the exact ring that they want, especially if it has a larger diamond. Bigger stones have exponentially higher prices because they are a lot rarer. One thing that can substitute beautifully in terms of sparkle is a diamond halo, which effectively looks to be the same size because of the added shine from the halo diamonds. This is also one of the reasons why shrewd women love this style.

You Can Set Any Diamond Type in a Halo

The first thing you see in your mind when trying to picture a halo is something with a perfectly round stone at its center. When it comes to beautiful rings though, this does not always have to be the case. You even see princess cut halo diamond rings, for instance, as well as a variety of other diamond cuts set in this way. While the round brilliant literally outshines all the rest, it wouldn’t hurt to change things up a bit there. Plus, this would go a lot easier on your wallet.

When buying a round or princess diamond halo ring, you can also rest assured that in case of any unfortunate bumps, the accent stones would take the majority of the damage. That would leave you with a lower cost of replacing the smaller diamond, as opposed to what you would be paying for the center stone otherwise.

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