Pros and Cons of Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Pros and Cons of Princess Cut Engagement Ring
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The princess cut started becoming popular in the market since 1970. Hence it is comparatively new when you consider the other cuts that have been in use for hundreds of years. It is also one of the least common diamond cuts. It is brilliant and flashy, yet they are not as high priced as other cuts of diamonds. Below is a discussion on the pros and cons of the princess cut diamonds.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Pros

Less Expensive than Some Cuts

In comparison to the other prominent cuts, the princess is less costly. The price is determined by the cut of the diamond and the amount of wastage that occurs. This is the reason behind the low price of princess cut diamonds.

Hides Blemishes

The facets of the princess cut succeed in concealing the blemished of the diamond. Besides, it is hard to notice inclusions or color tinting in Princess cut. When you choose diamonds with lower clarity, you may be able to spot the inclusions, blemishes, or tinting.

Flash and Fire

The fire and flash of princess cut incomparable to that of the round cut diamonds. This makes them very attractive. Several brides say that round brilliant diamonds are the flashiest diamonds they have seen. The number of facets is the reason behind this.

Matching with Halo or With Baguettes

The cut is very versatile making is a great match for tapered baguettes or halo of diamonds.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Cons


One of the most serious disadvantages of princess cut halo diamond rings are that their corners are exposed. They may pick up impacts and hence fall off the setting. A jeweler will be able to protect this by providing a good setting. Besides, they might also be protected by chamfering them in small amounts. This protects the diamond without changing the original shape.

Care for the Corners

Since you have to protect the corners of your princess cut floating halo diamond engagement ring, you cannot pick a setting that leaves them exposed. This imposes a limit on the range of settings you can choose for this diamond. Besides, you will have to make sure that your diamond is not blocked by the setting.

Overall, princess cuts offer a decent degree of brilliance and style and are ideal for your engagement ring. Make sure you know about the downsides of these diamonds before purchasing them.

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