Popular Diamond Ring Designs

Popular Diamond Ring Designs
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Diamond Ring Designs

As the diamond industry keeps advancing its designs, new trends and styles emerge. There are several attractive designs that have taken the markets by the storm. Many of these have already made a big impact on the diamond market. Below are some of the best and popular diamond ring styles of the year.

Split Shank

Engagement rings made with split shanks bring a modern appearance to the architecture and feel of the traditional pavé or solitaire setting. In the majority of the split shank engagement rings, the part starts to touch and then begins moving towards the larger space where it reaches the diamond. Customers also like the inverse style in which the gap begins larger on the east-west points and narrows before meeting the diamond for a distinct appearance. Furthermore, the divided bands create the illusion of two bands. This also translates to more sparkle.

East-West Settings

East-west engagement rings are one of the hottest trends in the market. This style has become a favorite addition to the bridal market. The most attractive feature about these rings is that they showcase a horizontal orientation of the diamond rather than a vertical one, which is found in the traditional settings. As a result, the appearance of the diamond is changed; the stone looks larger. Besides, the finger looks elongated due to the optical illusion triggered by the ring. An east-west setting is the one that you need to pick if you are looking to wear something unique and trendy for your special occasion.

Geometric Silhouettes

Nowadays, few modifications have been made to Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings. These are given a geometrically shaped halo around their center diamond which is usually a round or oval cut diamond. This design is a very interesting addition to the traditional halo setting. In fact, there are a variety of shapes to choose from including asymmetrical points, hexagons, and knife-edge profiles. These differently designed rings are very attractive with their silhouette design and they make the center diamond appear larger.

Halo Knife Edge Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement rings have quite a following in the market, as it is one of the most loved designs nowadays. It is already showing signs that the design will remain in the market for a considerable amount of time. Princess Diamond Halo Ring tinted with rose color brings a romantic feel, which is unparalleled. Besides, it is also unique in design and will surely help you stand out if you choose to go with this design. It is also inspired by vintage designs and those who love the classic style rings can look into this design more deeply.

Furthermore, the undertones of this type of diamond rings are blush and they compliment varying skin undertones. For this reason, they are considered more beautiful than gold and silver. Note that it surpasses its main alternatives, namely white gold, and yellow gold in terms of durability. However, in comparison with platinum, it is less durable.

There are several designs to choose from, depending on your taste in the specific features. Collections of rose gold styled rings are available for you to choose from, depending on the traits you love. In case you do not want to commit to a rose gold ring, but you love the hue, there are options, which will pique your interest. You can go with rings that have raised gold accent towards the interior of the ring as a surprise component.


Baguette diamond accents surround the center diamond providing an artistic feel to the ring. This is meant for the brides who love to take the different path to stylish appearance, yet remaining classic in essence. Nowadays, baguettes are being used as a solitaire diamond, placed in an east to west position. It appeals to the brides who are interested in minimalistic design. Baguette diamonds are a great opportunity to blend other shapes with your engagement ring in order to make it amazing.

Diamond Engagement Mounting

Hidden Details

Another latest trend is the type of diamond rings in which the intricate details could be viewed from the side. These engagement rings will sparkle from all sides. Several of the top designers are introducing varieties of such diamonds. Diamonds which highlight the intricacies and scroll along the sides also add a romantic and feminine touch.

Engagement Ring Setting

Elongating Shapes

Marquise, pear, and oval diamond shapes are making a return to the mainstream market. The popularity of these three is rising as a great alternative to the costly round brilliant diamond. The main advantage is that the silhouettes offer an elongated look to the finger and make the diamond appear larger than its carat weight. These are not only cheaper but appear larger in comparison to round diamonds of the same carat weight. Besides, when you add a sharp point to these diamonds, you get the pear and marquise diamonds which are also reputed for their modern appeal.

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