Nothing But The Best For Your Queen

Nothing But The Best For Your Queen
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring

Princess cut halo diamond rings are a safe bet; simply because they are the most popular choice in engagement rings. What is a princess cut diamond ring? What is a princess cut halo diamond ring? What are my top picks? Keep your eyes glued to this to get the answers.

How Does A Princess Cut Diamond Look Like?

Ideally, it is in the shape of a square or a rectangle. Cut to make it resemble an inverted pyramid, this comes with many facets. This peculiar shape and cut make it sparkle when light hits its surface.

Halo-ing A Princess Cut Diamond

A halo around the diamond means to place a small ring of accent diamonds to encircle the center stone. A halo setting has the competence of making the center rock look precisely one-half carat bigger. Now that’s a charm. Don’t you think? Plus it also adds to the sparkle.

Top Picks For You

Continue reading to be mesmerized by the sparkle of princess cut halo diamond rings.

Split Shank Princess Halo

The meeting of the split shank halo with the princess cut diamond proves to be an epitome of the balance between traditional and contemporary. The part where it is accentuated with accent diamonds adds to its beauty and sparkle.

Floating Halo Princess Diamond

It is a popular choice and for all the right reasons. From the top, this brilliant piece seems like it is floating over the halo of larger accent diamonds. This does the trick of making your fingers look long and lean. These are available in white, rose and yellow gold or even in platinum. They come in platinum and white, rose and yellow gold.

Twisting Underhalo Diamond

This ring features a gorgeously curved band which adds to its uniqueness. The shape and the setting of the center stone only add to its beauty.

Open Twist Halo Diamond

This ring features a halo which is as sharp as the edges of its center rock. The accent diamonds add to its luminance. This design is one of a kind and your untraditional bride-to-be will fall head over heels in love with the ring and with you. To make the choice even more bewildered, they come in rose, white and yellow gold and also in platinum.

So what is your pick going to be? A princess cut halo diamond ring or princess cut floating halo diamond engagement ring?

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