Nontraditional Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

Nontraditional Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Engagement Ring Ideas

Most of you would have dreamed about the grand wedding proposal scene that your bae may stage for you from your teenage years. Usually, people tend to refer to social media pages for inspiration in such cases. Without any doubts, you are likely to see numerous Instagram posts that feature an image of a sparkling solitaire or princess halo diamond ring with a caption, ‘I said yes’. Even though there is nothing wrong with such romantic posts, you may find a round solitaire or princess diamond halo ring so common or clichéd.

Nowadays, most modern brides and grooms are ditching most traditional customs as well as accessories to make their engagement celebration a unique and their-own affair. So, a tiffany setting or halo setting will be out of the question in such cases. Some of the brilliant non-traditional engagement ring ideas that you can consider to make your special day a super hit are listed below.

Ditch Diamonds

Most people are now over the ‘A diamond is forever’ thing since they realize that it was one of the best marketing strategies promoted by diamond jewelers. Hence, people are steering towards other gemstone options these days. This decision is also a great choice to make your engagement ring stand out from the rest. You can also consider this option if you want your ring to be ethical or if you just don’t like the way a diamond looks. The latter is, however, nearly impossible. On the other hand, if you are a diehard fan of diamonds, consider raw diamonds instead of their sparkling counterparts for a distinct appeal.

Considering other stones for your engagement ring is undoubtedly a more modern and colorful approach. You can either go with any gemstone that you find appealing or may consider your birthstone to add to its symbolism. In case you want to go the traditional way keeping away from the cookie-cutter appeal of a diamond, pearl diamond engagement rings will be a perfect option. However, the maintenance of your engagement rings, in this case, will be higher when compared to their diamond counterparts.

Consider a Unique Setting

If you love sparkling diamonds and still want to give a distinct appeal to your engagement rings, go for a unique setting. In other words, you will have to definitely opt-out of the beloved prong diamond ring setting. Some stunning ring setting options that you may consider in this case include the tension setting, bar setting, cathedral setting, etc. All these options are perfect to highlight the center stone to the fullest by allowing a maximum amount of light to pass through it.

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