Men’s Engagement Ring Trends

Men’s Engagement Ring Trends
1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring With Halo
Engagement Ring Trends

It is not an uncommon practice for men to be wearing engagement rings to show that he’s taken. Men are as finicky and style conscious when choosing  engagement bands. Most of the couple matches their character and relationship themes to the rings they choose. We can take a look at some of the trendy engagement rings that men chose to wear this season. Their specific colors and design patterns have stirred up diamond ring industry to new levels. Now let’s take a look at the new engagement band styles for men.

Classic Yellow Gold Band

Yellow gold is a traditional choice that works well with both vintage and modern men’s wedding band settings. Although anyone can pull of a yellow gold wedding band, it really stands out on men with darker or olive skin tones. The lack of sharp edges and wearing comfort makes it an everyday accessory choice for men.

Platinum Wedding Band

Its high cost makes it a luxurious choice, but its durability makes it worth. Platinum is one of the strongest precious metals in the world and these rings will show no signs of wear and tear even if they are worn every day. If your ring is going to take a lot of wear and tear, platinum is a practical investment.

Palladium Wedding Band

If your man needs a high durable engagement band, then palladium rings are the best. The rings crafted from palladium can feature diamonds, gemstones or even engraved details. This metal is very versatile and can take the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. In fact, men often forget they’re wearing this ring while at work or play as it is so lightweight and comfortable! Moreover, Palladium is also one of the few hypoallergenic metals available. If you are allergic to nickel, you won’t have to worry about skin irritation or discomfort with a palladium wedding band.

Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten is a precious metal that is resistant to scratches, making it ideal for men who work with their hands. Besides, this metal never tarnishes, which is why it’s loved by so many men. Tungsten bands can also incorporate imprints, and laser engravings. Because of this, tungsten rings often feature the most unique designs found on men’s wedding bands. It’s important to note that tungsten rings cannot be resized. So make sure you know your man’s correct ring size before purchasing a tungsten ring for him.

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