Meaningful Engagement Ring Options

Meaningful Engagement Ring Options
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Engagement Ring Options

An engagement ring is something which symbolizes love, loyalty, and commitment. Most people go with the option of getting a traditional ring when making a pledge of this sort, but if you hadn’t noticed, there are alternative ways to bring a ton of meaning into this apparent no-brainer. Following is a look at some beautiful engagement ring options which not only stun with their appearance, but also spell “Love” on first sight.

Gemstone Rings

Many gemstones exist that make for some of the most meaningful and stunning engagement ring mountings (e.g.: princess cut halo diamond rings). Each carries its own symbolism, so it is best to research well and think hard about which one is best for you. Rubies, for instance, stand for powerful feelings like love, passion, energy, and loyalty. If these are aspects you value in your relationship, then a ruby is more or less the thing to choose as its symbol. There are other stones as well which you could choose in this manner; just make a list of all the traits you and your partner look forward to, and fix on a stone that symbolizes them.

Other than that, there is also the option of picking a gemstone based on month—you could pick out a single birthstone for her, and maybe even pair that with your own birthstone. You might also want to look into the month when you first met, or when you proposed to her, and get a gemstone to match that. After all that comes the consideration of whether the stone you picked complements your skin tones, and also whether it is hard enough to withstand everyday wear.

Love Knot Rings

This keeps things simple, and is a minimalist’s dream choice. All you have for a ring are two twisted precious metal bands, and then the choice to embellish the thing with diamonds or other stones. Knots are synonymous with loyalty, steadfast commitment, and also friendship. The band is a never-ending loop, which stands as a symbol of infinite love. In a lot of cultures, getting married involves the couple tying a knot; there are also many variations you get to choose from. It goes without saying that yours should match your personality and preference, and the same goes for your sweetheart.

Claddagh Rings

This traditional Celtic design is one that holds great meaning. Basically, you offer this as a token of love to a partner or a friend, and that commitment is meant to hold lifelong. The Claddagh design has two hands partially covering a heart, and then a crown above the latter. The representation is one of friendship, where the heart stands for love and the crown stands for loyalty. In all, a Claddagh ring symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty, which are three things that form the base of any strong friendship.

Even the way you wear a Claddagh ring has meaning. For someone who is still single, the ring is something which is supposed to go on the right hand. For someone that’s engaged, it needs to be worn on the left hand and on the ring finger, with the heart turned the other way from the palm. This is to tell the world that the person has found their one true love. After marriage, the heart is turned around to face downwards. All of these little cues can make the Claddagh ring more meaningful than an ordinary band.

Yin-Yang Rings

In the ancient orient and in the civilization that followed, yin and yang have been seen as complementary forces which work in tandem to give a dynamic whole. If you are big on balance in your life whether looking forward or back, this symbol can be a great one to wear. It tells the world that you are accepting of the good and the bad when it comes to your partner, or at least intend to be. Each part is left incomplete when the other is not there, which also shows your acceptance of the fact that oftentimes, the whole is greater than just the sum of its parts.

Past-Present-Future Rings

Three-stone rings can be hard to decipher sometimes because of the wealth of meaning they carry. The gist of the message they seek to convey is that the couples relationship through past, present, and future has been, is, and hopefully will be filled with love and understanding. You can get three-stone rings in a variety of styles, beginning from old vintage styles and heading right on into more contemporary ones. All three stones can be the same color, or be different in that respect.

Whether you pick a claddagh ring or a princess diamond halo ring for your fiancée, it makes sense to discuss the option at length between the two of you before making a decision.

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