Halo vs. Non Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo vs. Non Halo Diamond Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
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Have you ever heard about halo diamond engagement rings? Halo diamond engagement rings are the queen of the bridal world. These elegant rings are considered as the true symbol of romance. In this article, let’s see how halo diamond engagement rings differ from non-halo engagement rings.

What is a Halo Diamond Ring?

A halo diamond ring is a diamond setting which has one prominent center stone surrounded by additional stones. There are single and double halo settings. Halo settings suits all diamond shapes. Princess cut diamond halo rings, Round brilliant diamond halo rings, Radiant cut diamond halo rings, Cushion cut diamond halo rings, Oval diamond halo rings, etc. includes most common halo diamond rings.

In halo diamond rings, the additional stones which surround the center stone are known as accent diamonds. Accent stones are usually made of round brilliant diamonds. The center stone of the halo diamond ring captures attraction easily.

What is a Non-Halo Diamond Ring?

A non – halo diamond ring will have only a center stone. It will be similar to a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Ring settings such as prong, channel, tension, bevel, etc. are some examples of non – halo diamond setting.

Pros and Cons of Halo Engagement Rings


  • Halo settings of the ring add an extra carat to the beauty of the center stone.
  • Smaller diamonds surrounding the ring are less expensive than one diamond ring weighing the same. Thus it adds carat weight of the ring without much expense.
  • Pave or micro pave settings of halo diamond rings give an elegant look.


  • Tiny diamonds may get loose or damage easily. Replacement of these smaller diamonds is a tedious task.
  • A halo diamond engagement ring offers a look of late 80s or early 90s.

Pros and Cons of Non-Halo Engagement Rings


  • It is a timeless diamond ring. This classic solitaire diamond ring will never get aged, loss its beauty and value as time flies.
  • The range of variety of non-halo diamond ring is limitless.
  • A non-halo diamond ring is unique and classic in its own way.


  • Being such a beautiful ring, the price of a non-halo diamond ring is more than that of a halo diamond ring.
  • Some people may argue that the non-halo diamond rings are plain, because of their simple, smooth and low weight look.

When it comes to choosing between halo and non-halo diamond rings, the most important choice is yours. So choose the diamond of your choice and make it the right one for you.

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