Diamond Ring Trends Expected to Continue Their Dominance This Year

Diamond Ring Trends Expected to Continue Their Dominance This Year
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring Trends

Engagement ring trends will come and go, but no one can dispute the take that the round brilliant cut diamond will forever stay in vogue. In addition to this one, there are other diamond shapes and engagement ring settings that appeal to a lot of people. This year, many are looking for trendy diamond engagement ring designs – ones with a classic twist, that is.

There are several unique ways to express love , but for an unforgettable and everlasting token of it, an engagement ring with diamonds is nigh unbeatable. The information below would help you choose the perfect token of your love.

Classic Diamond Shapes

Determining a unique cut would offer you a chance to shape the whole designer look of an engagement ring. An elongated diamond, like one with an oval or emerald cut, is going to stay popular through most of this year.

Halo Diamond Ring

The classic yet modern diamond ring setting, called the halo, is expected to stay popular in 2019 as well. For brides-to-be who want a bold, statement piece, this setting is the right choice. With diamonds set around a center stone, the arrangement makes the centerpiece appear much bigger than it is. In 2019, a round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by a diamonds “halo”, and more bold ones with intricate banding, are going to be on-trend.

The halo engagement ring design originated as far back as the 1920’s. During the Art Deco period, a lot of attention was on geometric patterns as well as symmetry that inspired the beauty of the halo set ring. The princess cut halo diamond ring, which takes cues from a vintage piece, would also have exceptional beauty. A princess halo diamond ring would possess a lot of radiance, thanks to the dainty diamonds encircling its center stone.

Rose and Yellow Gold Bands

Warmer tones are taking over the jewelry segment for their exquisite beauty as well as radiant appearance. Rose and yellow gold have become an extremely popular option for brides-to-be. The precious metal adds softness and a personal touch to the engagement ring.

Colored Diamonds

Nothing is more significant than a beautiful engagement ring that speaks to one’s heart and represents their unique personality and style. A colored diamond offers brides-to-be with an opportunity to express their personal tastes, representing women’s unique love for several more years to come. There are different types of natural fancy color diamonds, sourced from mother nature, and each color reflects the stone’s own rare beauty.

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