Comparison between Halo and Three Stone Diamond Ring Setting

Comparison between Halo and Three Stone Diamond Ring Setting
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Diamond Halo Ring

One of the main things that you must consider while choosing your diamond engagement rings is the diamond ring settings. There are numerous options for this such as prong setting, bezel setting, halo setting, pave setting, three stone setting, bar setting, tension setting, etc. Out of these, two of the most popular options that are often used to lift up the overall size as well as the sparkle of a diamond are halo setting and three stone diamond ring setting.

Naturally, you may get confused when it comes to choosing between a halo and three stone diamond ring setting. In order to help you out with this, below is a brief comparison between both these options.

Halo Diamond Ring Setting

Halo diamond ring setting is the more popular option among the two. In this setting, the main gemstone is encircled with a layer of tiny diamond accents. This will instantly enhance the overall sparkle and size of the ring. The most common option that people often consider in this case is princess halo diamond ring designs. Note that the princess cut is one of the supreme brilliant cut options. Hence, the bling offered by a princess diamond halo ring will be indefinable. If you crave for extreme bling, you can pave the main stone of your princess halo diamond ring with two or more layers of diamonds. This will offer a sophisticated and vintage appeal as well to your sparkler.

Three Stone Diamond Ring Setting

Three stone diamond ring setting is perfect for the couple who not only gives priority to the bling and size of the ring but also to its symbolism. In this setting, a center diamond will be flanked with an accent stone of either similar or smaller size on each side. If you choose accent stones of similar size, it represents the characteristics like love, friendship, and fidelity in your relationship. If you go for smaller diamond accents, it symbolizes the past, the present, and the future of your relationship.

When it comes to the overall sparkle, halo setting has an upper hand when compared to the three stone setting. However, the cost of three stone diamond ring setting will be usually less when compared to a halo setting. Still, this depends on the type of diamond accents you choose. Besides, both these options are perfect to highlight the center diamond of your ring, and you can choose colored diamonds or gemstones in both settings too.

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