Choosing the Right Diamond Ring Settings to Complement your Style

Choosing the Right Diamond Ring Settings to Complement your Style
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring Settings

Couples may usually look for each and every simple aspect when it comes to their diamond engagement rings. However, some people may miss out one of the most important factors amidst their hectic engagement ring searching process; the diamond ring settings. Actually, this is one of the most prominent features that play a major role in the security as well as the visual appeal of your diamond rings. Apart from that, diamond ring settings can reflect the style and personality of the wearer in the best way possible. Hence, you must never overlook the setting of your engagement rings. In order to give you some in-depth knowledge regarding the same, below are some of the popular diamond ring settings and their symbolism.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Setting

Solitaire diamond rings are perfect for almost every bride and the beauty of this classic setting is so supreme that you can even rock a simple slip engagement outfit with this jewelry piece. Solitaire rings usually describe brides who are way elegant, charming, and simple. Furthermore, you will not have to stress over the changing fashion trends since solitaire diamond rings are timeless and will never go out of vogue.

Halo Diamond Ring Setting

This is the second most popular diamond ring setting after solitaire setting. The halo diamond ring setting is characterized by the presence of a halo of tiny diamonds around the main gemstone. This will instantly create the illusion of a huge solitaire when viewed from a distance.  You can either make your small diamonds look bigger or give an extra impact to your bigger diamonds with a halo setting. People who desire to purchase sparkling and huge diamond rings on a budget can go for halo diamond rings. Note that a princess halo diamond ring will be perfect to define a charismatic, bold, and independent person. Additionally, a princess diamond halo ring will be way more affordable than its solitaire counterparts.

Channel Diamond Ring Setting

Channel set diamond rings will look stunning on a girl who is romantic yet sporty. In other words, brides who are more into outdoor activities such as hiking, trailing, water sports, etc., can go for channel set diamond rings. In this setting, the gemstones are carefully set into the channel of a metal band. This channel frame, as well as the pressure between the diamonds, securely holds them in place. Since there are no sharp edges like prongs in this setting, you will not have to worry about your rings being snagged on to your clothes or other fabrics as well.

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