Birthstone Rings for those Born from January to June

Birthstone Rings for those Born from January to June
Princess Diamond Halo Ring
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Everyone has different tastes, so it is no surprise that customers seek as many unique choices as possible. Birthstone engagement rings are a jewelry trend, which is becoming more and more popular. Whether worn alone or combined with diamonds, birthstones are both a meaningful and chic option to consider for your lover. Are you wondering which birthstone ring to choose for her? If so, here is a guide that will help you make this choice.

Garnet for a January-Born

Garnet is the birthstone for January babies. Typically red in color, garnet represents prosperity, peace and good health as per the American Gem Society. It is a rich-colored gemstone, which your January-born girl will possibly like.

Amethyst for a February-Born

Amethyst is the gemstone for those born in February. The color of this variety of Quartz ranges from a combination of red and deep violet to paler lilac hue. Amethyst will last you a lifetime; if you give it the right care, it will not scratch all that easily. So if you want a rather affordable, yet durable birthstone for an engagement ring, this is worth considering.

Aquamarine for March Babies

People with March birthday have two gems to pick from: aquamarine and bloodstone. The color of the former gem is light blue, and the latter one is dark green. An aquamarine ring is a stunning and durable option than one with bloodstone for the proposal to your girlfriend in March. It is durable than the other stone as per the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.

Diamond for an April Sweetie

The gem of choice for those born in April is the much-coveted and classic diamond. It is the hardest gem on the Mohs scale. A princess diamond halo ring would be the ideal choice for your traditional-type lover born in April.

An Emerald for May

May birthdays are symbolized by the emerald stone, known for its stunning green color. Emerald is also known for its association with the City of Emeralds from the classic film, “The Wizard of Oz”.

Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone for June-Born Ladies

June babies tend to have the pearl engagement ring, as pearl appeals to many ladies’ tastes. You can also choose to have her ring set with the other birthstones if durability is important to you. Pearl is not as durable as those.

Ruby for a July-Born Baby

Ruby is a striking choice for an engagement ring. Prince Harry’s former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas has a ruby and diamond ring.

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