Best Insider Tips to Buy a Half Carat Diamond Ring

Best Insider Tips to Buy a Half Carat Diamond Ring
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Planning a wedding is not an easy task, and to top that off, it can sometimes set you back a lot more than you were prepared for. When starting out with the makings of a plan, you also need to be paying attention to the matter of the ring itself. If you have a tight budget to work with, then it bears making sure that any princess cut halo diamond rings you choose from are priced relatively low. A half-carat stone would help limit the overall spending, while still getting you a respectably sized ring. According to a recent study, half carat diamonds are now becoming more popular in a lot of Eastern and European countries, and besides, they are picking up traction stateside as well.


To start with, a one carat diamond would have a weight equivalent to about 0.2 gram; from this, you know a half-carat diamond ring would weigh about 0.1 grams. Jewelers around the world use many descriptions to represent half a carat, like 0.5ct or.5ct, 1/2 carat or ½ carat, and even 50 pointer (where 100 points equate to 1 carat). There is no exact consistent price for a half carat diamond; it varies based on the stone quality and setting. That means there is absolutely no scenario where the 4Cs of the diamond lose relevance.

The Size of a Half Carat Stone

When it comes to the size of a half carat round brilliant cut diamond, you get something close to 5.2mm by 5.2mm in dimensions. You should be able to check this out easily with the help of a ruler. When you compare a half carat diamond with a one-carat diamond by size, it is easily apparent that the latter does not amount to double the former, because that is not how that works.

Price Guidelines for a 0.5 Carat Diamond Ring

Most people shopping for diamonds have the misconception that the most beautiful stones possess the combination of IF clarity and D color. However, this is not always true, because it is actually the cut quality that determines brilliance and sparkle when it comes to a diamond. For example, if you compare a G/VS2 diamond that is cut well, with a shoddily cut D/IF diamond the G/VS2 diamond, the former would look more attractive and brighter than the latter. The best choice there is still mainly based on the individual buyer, and what they are looking for.

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