Basic Features of a Princess Cut Diamond

Basic Features of a Princess Cut Diamond
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If you have ever gone for purchasing diamonds or diamond engagement rings, you would have come across a diamond cut called the princess cut. It is also a very famous and popular diamond cut like the round cut. The princess cut is not a very old diamond cut and came to the market only in recent years. Arpad Nagy designed it in the year 1961. However, the cut became famous and was loved by many within a short period.

Shape: The princess cut diamonds come in a square shape with a top which is round in shape. It features either 57 or 76 facets. The pyramid shape of the stone reflects the light brilliantly, and hence, the stone will have a high sparkle. This has another advantage that the inclusions in the stone will remain hidden and the stone is quite affordable.

The princess cut diamond is usually used in making solitaire engagement rings and in making wedding bands. The square shape of the diamond helps it to appear beautiful when placed near another diamond on the wedding band.

Size: It can be observed that the princess cut diamonds appear larger than the normal round cut diamonds. This is because of the top rounded portion and the pyramid shape of the stone.

Sparkle: It is very difficult to distinguish the sparkle and shine of a princess cut diamond and a round cut diamond. Both of the stones are very brilliant and shine greatly. For a normal eye, both stones will shine in the same way. However, technically, the shine and sparkle of a round cut diamond are more than that of the princess cut diamond. The princess cut diamonds are usually more affordable than the round cut diamonds because it hides the inclusions in the stone with the high reflectivity that it has.

If you are purchasing a princess cut diamond, you need to evaluate the cut of the stone to know if you are choosing a good one. The attractiveness of the diamond will be determined by the cut of the same. A well-cut diamond will be very attractive, whereas a poorly cut diamond will appear less attractive. When you buy a princess cut diamond, see that you choose to buy a stone that has a depth that is about 70% of its width. If you are choosing a jewelry piece, which has a princess stone embedded on it, make sure that the corners of the stone are well protected.

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