An Overview of Halo Diamond Ring Setting

An Overview of Halo Diamond Ring Setting
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Halo Diamond Ring Setting

Diamond ring setting not only plays a major role in safeguarding the main gemstone of your sparkler but also helps to enhance the overall appeal of the ring. Even though there are numerous settings and styles available these days, nothing can beat the ultimate charm of a halo diamond ring setting. In fact, this is the second most popular diamond ring setting after the classic solitaire design.

Why Choose a Halo Diamond Ring?

In halo diamond ring setting, the center diamond of your ring will be encircled with a halo of tiny diamond accents. This will make your gemstone look much bigger than its actual carat weight. Note that a solitaire diamond with similar carat weight will be way more expensive. Besides, halo rings offer a vintage, classy, and trendy appeal at the same time. Hence, most women love to flaunt halo diamond rings.

This captivating setting is known for their supreme bling factor as well. In short, halo setting will give you the best bling for our bucks.

Choosing a Halo Diamond Ring That Suits your Style

Many people may think whether halo rings will suit them or not, and if it did, which type of halo ring will be ideal. Actually, halo setting will suit anyone who loves to own something sparkling and luxurious, but at an affordable range. Halo setting can be created using any type of diamonds. Nevertheless, princess cut halo diamond rings are the most popular ones since it looks flattering on the finger of almost every bride.

In case you are not a big fan of princess diamond halo ring, you can choose any diamond cut and shape that suits your personality and style. Going for fancy cut diamonds are all the rage these days.

Types of Halo Diamond Rings

There are mainly three types of halo diamond ring setting: flush against the center stone type, floating halo, and multiple halos. The former one is the standard halo diamond ring setting in which the halo is given right around the main gemstone. In case of the floating halo setting, the halo of diamond accents is given a step lower to the center diamond, leaving a tiny gap in between them known as the airline. This will make the diamond look even bigger and will create an illusion of the diamond floating in the air.

When it comes to multiple halos, two or three layers of halos are given around the center diamond instead of a single layer. This will make the diamond look extremely catchy and huge. Usually, women who are in love with vintage or sophisticated styles often go with this option.

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