All You Want to Know About Ring Resetting

All You Want to Know About Ring Resetting
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

People may choose to reset their rings for a lot of reasons. One of the most common reasons among them is any damage that has affected the ring badly. If a ring is damaged beyond repair, but you have some emotional values attached to it so that you cannot sell it, then resetting may be the only option.

Common reasons for ring resetting

Apart from damage, there are also many other reasons for people to reset their rings. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A person may get bored with the design that he/she originally selected.
  • If the ring was inherited to a wearer but does not match his/her style, then the person may choose to reset it.

However, the most common reason is the damage of the ring that cannot be spruced up.

Is resetting a good option?

Some people may have a special sentiment to a ring, and they may not sell it even if it is severely damaged. In this situation, resetting is the best available option for them. Many people may choose to save the diamonds or other valuable precious stones by resetting them in a new ring or pendant. This will give their piece of jewelry an entirely new look.

However, resetting may not be the best option every time. When a stone is reset, its resale value will be reduced significantly. Hence, sometimes it is better to sell your ring than resetting it so that you will get the maximum resale value possible.

A jeweler can ask for an appraisal before resetting the ring. Every jeweler may not require this paperwork, but in most cases, it is recommended that the customer who wants to reset his/her ring fills out this paperwork by themselves.

Resetting options

Many people may want to save their diamonds; hence, they may reset them on other pieces of jewelry for giving it a completely new appearance.

When resetting a ring, you can add additional accent stones for accentuating your center stone. Or you can choose to include more center diamonds on their ring. For instance, if you have a princess halo diamond ring, then you can add more stones with princess cut to make it a two-stone or three-stone ring. This will give your princess cut halo diamond ring a better appearance that is different from their traditional look.

Some people chose to reset a ring because of the inconvenience caused by it. For example, if the ring has a high setting, then it can snag on your clothes all the time and can cause you annoyance. Therefore, such rings may be reset into a low setting to reduce the snagging and for the stone to stay flush with the metal.

Another option is to add gemstones to your ring. It will add more color to the ring and will also make it trendy and vibrant. You can select any of these choices based on the specialties of the ring and your personal interests.

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