All you Need to Know about Halo Engagement Rings

All you Need to Know about Halo Engagement Rings
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Choosing a halo engagement ring over other engagement rings would actually help you in getting a much bigger ring on a small budget. After the characteristic solitaire setting, halo setting is the most popular engagement ring setting today. In fact, this beautiful setting makes the diamond ring equally trendy, classic, and vintage, which makes it attractive to a large number of women.

Halo set diamond rings are admired all over the world for their eye-catching look and richness in style. As the setting features a number of smaller stones surrounding the centerpiece, this type of ring is a good option for everyone who wants to go sparkly. Halo setting came to its popularity during the Art Deco era and had made a huge comeback in recent years in terms of its popularity.

Halo diamond rings look good in almost every metal color. The halo ring made from white gold would especially have an elegant and classy appearance, making the diamond look huge due to the same metal color. On the other hand, a halo ring made out of yellow gold gives the ring a vintage look, while the same made out of rose gold gives it a romantic appearance. What’s more, there are different variations of halo setting as well, which allow you to choose one that suits your tastes and personality in the best way.

Floating Halo

In this setting, you would find the halo lower to the center diamond. This would make the diamond appear to be raised higher than the halo. The small gap that could be seen between the halo and the center diamond is called the airline.

The airline would make the diamond look much larger making the ring both sophisticated and eye-catchy. In fact, you would be able to get more value for your money by choosing this setting, as it gives an illusion of a bigger centerpiece.

Double Halo

The double halo, just as its name says, has two halos around the center diamond, which would make the diamond ring appear a lot bigger. You could also get a triple halo too, if you would prefer it.

Flush-Set Halo

In this setting, you would be able to find the halo around the center diamond making it look bigger. This would be the perfect ring set to go for if you like giving more emphasis on the center stone.

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