All you Need to Know about Halo Diamond Rings

All you Need to Know about Halo Diamond Rings
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Halo Diamond Rings

Halo setting is an arrangement in which the center stone in the ring will be encircled by a series of micro-pavé or round pave gemstones. These could be small diamonds or a faceted color gemstone. The function of these pave diamond stones is to create a flash of light and bring the focus back to the centerpiece gem.

A high carat center diamond appears larger when used in a halo setting. In fact, some of them (below the 1 carat mark) will look more than half a carat larger than their actual appearance when set with a halo of sparkling gems. Thus, picking a diamond with a halo setting is always worth the effort. Below is a discussion on the further details of halo diamond rings

About Halo Diamond Rings

The 2 carat princess cut halo diamond engagement ring designs became popular during the 1920’s, which was the Art Deco era. However, it is currently placed second to what is considered the most traditional design of all, the classic solitaire. There is no arguing about the stylish design of halo cut diamond rings though.

The Center Stone

The choice of center stone is up to the buyer. It could be a colorless diamond or a precious gemstone like sapphire or tanzanite. In case you are on a budget, you can also use a cluster of pave diamonds and combine them in the center. By doing this you will still get the attractive looks of a halo diamond. Besides, you can reach a carat weight that would be the same as that of a single piece stone and still have to pay much lesser.

Cut of the Center Stone

While it is known that the princess cut halo diamond rings and round brilliant diamonds are the classics, the halo engagement rings can feature pear, marquise, or emerald cut diamonds as well. In the case of marquise and pear cut stones, the pointy edges are somewhat softened by the halo setting. That also brightens the entire ring.

Number of Halos

Be as creative as you can while choosing the pave stones for the halo setting. If they are made of a contrasting color, the appeal of the diamond ring will increase greatly. In fact, you also have double and triple halos these days, which add to the charm of the ring by giving it a more luxurious appeal. With each halo, the diamond looks bigger, so you can work out with a smaller center diamond too in this setting.

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