Advantages Of Halo Engagement Rings

Advantages Of Halo Engagement Rings
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

When you set out to buy an engagement ring, princess cut halo diamond engagement ring is one of the most recommended ones by the jewelers. It is one of the varieties of halo engagement rings. The craze for the halo ring is growing because several celebrities like Lady Gaga and Priyanka Chopra are wearing halo diamond rings.

What Are Halo Engagement Rings?

Halo is a type of ring setting where the center stone is encircled by a ring of micro-pavé diamonds or pavé diamonds. The small diamonds will be placed together to create a brilliant field of sparkle and shine. The light flashes from the encircled stones draw your attention to the center diamond.

The popularity of halo diamond rings has increased today. But it has a long history. Halo diamond rings first appeared in the early 18th century. Even though the styles and designs changed over the years, it made an appearance in every jewelry period.

Benefits Of Halo Engagement Rings

One of the main reasons why more and more people are looking for a halo engagement ring is that it makes the center diamond appear bigger than its actual size. This will help you to save your money on buying a bigger stone. The halo setting makes the center diamond look up to about one and a half carat bigger.

The pavé setting of the halo engagement ring creates a very intense sparkle. The smaller stones encircling the center diamond do not cost much, which means you can get even more sparkle with less money. You can use any kind of gemstone as the center stone for the halo engagement ring. One additional benefit of the halo ring is that the surrounding small diamonds offer protection to the center diamond.

Popular Halo Ring Settings

Round Halo Ring

This is one of the most popular halo ring settings. The center stone in this type of halo setting can either be diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or rubies.

Princess Cut Halo Ring

Recently, princess halo diamond rings are getting popular in the market. This setting is very affordable and provides more diamond for your money.

Sapphire Halo Ring

Many celebrities like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were fond of sapphire halo rings. This particular ring style symbolizes wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness.

Double Halo Ring

This ring has a center diamond encircled with two rings of pave diamonds. When compared to a single halo setting, a double halo ring makes the center diamond looks even bigger.

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