A Shopping Guide For Halo Engagement Rings

A Shopping Guide For Halo Engagement Rings
Princess Halo Diamond Rings
Princess Halo Diamond Rings

A halo ring is a ring with a center stone encircled by a full loop of lesser stones, most commonly diamonds. Halos are frequently coupled with pavé bands, although they can also be worn alone with a plain band.

For two reasons, halo engagement rings are among the most popular on the market. With a halo of accent diamonds surrounding it, the central diamond appears extremely magnificent, and inclusions are much less obvious. This design has the capacity to provide the illusion of a large diamond without the high cost.

Which Are The Different Halo Engagement Rings That You Can Buy?

Choosing the ideal halo engagement ring isn’t as difficult as it appears. Selecting a ring that appeals to you and you know will compliment your partner’s style is the key.

Cushion Cut Halo Ring

A cushion-cut halo engagement ring has a huge center stone that is surrounded by a pillow-shaped framing of tiny diamonds. Your center stone does not have to be cushion shaped just because your halo is. Although some couples like a Cushion cut diamond as the center stone, others like a mix of oval, radiant, princess shapes encircled by a cushion framework.

Princess Halo Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most expensive diamond designs since the facets must be carefully measured and cut, despite the fact that they can cost around 40% less than round-cut diamonds. If you must select a smaller diamond to avoid spending too much money, a halo setting is an excellent method to make it appear larger.

A halo setting could make the central stone appear up to a half carat larger, potentially saving hundreds of dollars. If that’s your style, a halo also gives more shine to a ring. These days princess-cut halo diamond rings are extremely popular among millennials.

Benefits Of Halo Rings

Every situation has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Halo rings come in a wide range of shapes and styles. The halo setting enhances the main diamond’s size and beauty. The halo setting’s tiny stones add to the ring’s overall radiance. Furthermore, the center diamond is securely held and protected in this setting.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important considerations you’ll make during your ring hunt is how and where you’ll buy your engagement ring. Before you go halo ring shopping, do your homework. Halo diamond rings are available from a number of online diamond merchants. Before purchasing from them, make sure to check the customer reviews.

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