A Quick Guide to Selecting the Best Princess Cut Diamond

A Quick Guide to Selecting the Best Princess Cut Diamond
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

A princess cut halo diamond ring is the best and most unique choice for all modern and fashion forward brides. With its beautiful geometric style, princess cut has the ability to match the taste of unconventional women who are paving a new path.

Since the 1970’s, the princess cut has been defining a new wave among all diamond shapes. The beautiful centerpiece of a princess halo diamond ring has edgy corners that stand out in the crowd. In fact, the beautiful princess cut is the most popular diamond shape right after the traditional round cut diamond ring, and it is safe to say that the sparkly stone can put anyone in the spotlight.

Value of the Diamond

Among all the fancy diamond shapes, the princess cut diamond is the cheapest. Even when a princess cut diamond has the same carat weight as that of a round cut stone, it still costs about 30 to 40 percent lower. This is because a princess cut diamond offers the best yield from the rough stone; it is made by simply slicing the raw diamond into two halves. In the same way, you would lose around 40–50% yield from the rough when you are cutting two round diamonds.

Finding the Perfect Stone

The princess cut diamond cut grading is done usually by the AGS. In fact, most of the other grading labs are still not certain of the perfect parameters for a princess cut diamond that gives it superior light performance. Nevertheless, you need to carefully select the clarity and color of the stone that gives it the maximum brilliance and fire.

Ideal Length-to-Width Ratio

There are some clear lengths-to-width ratio standards, which make a princess cut diamond look more soothing and alluring to the eyes. All the ratios up to 1: 1.05 will look square to the unaided eye, and from there onwards, it will begin to appear rectangular in shape.

Types of Crown Side

The crown is the side of the gem, which faces you when you look at the ring. The French corner crown and bezel corner crown are typical crown side designs for a princess cut diamond. The edges of a French corner are so slim that it is prone to chipping, especially when there are some inclusions near the corner. On the other hand, the corners of Bezel corner are designed to be less prone to chipping.

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