A Guide to Choosing Side Stones for Your Engagement Ring

A Guide to Choosing Side Stones for Your Engagement Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings

Side stones are a significant factor that adds more beauty and appeal to your rings. It helps to add more sparkle and brilliance to the center stone and will also give it a bigger appearance. Therefore, choosing the right side stones for your ring is important, hence, it is better to put some thought into it. Through this article, we are providing some suggestions that will help you to select the best side stones for your ring.

How Many?

Most people are confused about the number of side stones they should add to their rings. One of the popular designs is the three-stone ring with one center diamond and two side stones. Another great option is the 5-stone setting.

You can also go for a halo setting where small side stones will be surrounding the entire circumference of the center diamond. Round, cushion, pear, emerald, and princess cut halo diamond rings are some of the wonderful choices available for you. A princess halo diamond ring or other type of halo rings will help you to provide a bigger appearance for your center stone at a lower cost.

Size of the Side Stones

Usually, the center stone will be the most prominent and biggest in a ring, and the side stones will be smaller than the center stone. When choosing the size of the side stones, you have to think of how balanced the final outcome would be. Choose stones that won’t make your ring look out of proportion. However, if you go for a three-stone setting with a stone on either side of the center stone, then you may choose side stones that compete with the center stone.

Choosing the Color for Side Stones

Choosing the color for your side stones can be tricky and difficult, because if you choose stones that have low quality than the center stone, then it will create a mismatching contrast between these stones. Therefore, it is better to choose side stones that are almost similar in color to the center stone.

Choosing the Clarity

Even though side stones with higher clarity grades will improve the appeal of your ring, it is not necessary that these stones should have the highest clarity. Select eye-clean diamonds, i.e., diamonds that do not have inclusions or blemishes visible to human eyes. You can look for diamonds within the clarity grade VS or SI, where you can find comparatively good diamonds for a better price.

One factor you should keep in mind is that as the stones get bigger, the inclusions will be more visible. Hence, when choosing bigger side stones, you will have to go for higher clarity grades than that of smaller stones.

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