A Brief Guide To Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring

A Brief Guide To Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring

It is natural that you want to go for the most popular styles when you are looking for an engagement ring. If you want to double down, you can choose a ring that has the two most popular styles. Today, many people are looking for a combination of princess cut diamond and halo engagement ring, the two most popular styles these days. The combination of these two styles, a princess halo diamond engagement ring, is also getting popular among people these days.

If you are looking for a princess cut halo diamond ring, you should note that it is very expensive. In fact, it is one of the priciest diamond rings available right now. If you want to make the center diamond smaller to stay within your budget, you can add a small ring of pave diamonds around the center stone to make it look bigger. A halo setting can make your center diamond look one and a half carat bigger, which means you can save hundreds of dollars.

If you are planning on buying a princess cut halo engagement ring, you should check out these top styles.

Floating Halo Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

This is one of the most popular styles for a princess cut halo diamond ring. As the name suggests the brilliant square princess cut center diamond appears like it is floating above a halo. One of the main benefits of this style is that your fingers will appear longer and leaner when you wear it.

Split Shank Princess Halo Engagement Ring

This beautiful diamond ring is a perfect balance of traditional and contemporary style. This engagement ring is available in rose gold, yellow, and white.

Open Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The striking open design and the sharp edges of the center stone make this ring unforgettable. This traditional style will be loved by everyone. The accent diamonds of this ring give a serious sparkle. If you are planning to buy this ring, you can choose from gold, yellow, white, and platinum.

Twisting Underhalo Diamond Engagement Ring

This band has a unique shape where the band curves towards the setting. The name of the ring style comes from the underhalo of pave diamonds. This ring style is also available in rose gold, platinum, white, and yellow bands.

If you have enough money, you can look for a princess cut halo engagement ring. However, always do enough research before going to buy an engagement ring. If you are having any doubt, you can ask the opinion of an expert jeweler.

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