A Brief Guide To Princess Cut Diamond

A Brief Guide To Princess Cut Diamond
Princess Cut Halo Diamond
Princess Cut Halo Diamond

When you decide to buy an engagement ring and do an internet search, you will come across princess cut halo diamond rings more often. This type of diamond ring is becoming very popular among people because of so many reasons. The princess cut has a square or rectangular outline and features a brilliant line of cutting.

The princess cut offers a few extra facets that provide more brilliance and scintillation to the diamond. The enhanced light performance in the princess cut diamond makes the diamond color more noticeable and hides the inclusions. This one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of the princess halo diamond ring.

Cut Quality Of Princess Cut Diamond

Determining the cut quality of the princess cut diamond is very difficult when compared to a round brilliant cut diamond. The GIA grades only the symmetry and polish of a princess cut diamond and there are not standard parameters to determine the cut quality of the princess cut diamond.

Clarity Of Princess Cut Diamond

The clarity of the princess cut diamond is similar to that of a round brilliant cut diamond because both diamonds can easily hide the inclusions. However, you need to remember that the princess cut diamonds have issues with durability. The sharp corners of the princess cut make it more prone to chipping. However, if you are buying a princess cut diamond ring, it won’t be a serious problem because the ring setting will protect the diamond.

Which Ring Setting Is Better For Princess Cut Diamond?

Any ring setting that works for round brilliant cut diamond also works for princess cut diamond. However, some ring settings make the princess cut diamond more versatile. The solitaire setting allows more light to enter into the princess cut diamond and increase the sparkle.

The channel setting offers more protection to the princess cut diamond when compared to other ring settings. Channel setting will effectively protect the sharp corners of the diamond. The most common ring setting for a princess cut diamond would be a halo. Princess halo diamond rings are very popular these days.

Why Should You Choose A Princess Cut Diamond?

The main reason for buying a princess cut diamond is that it is very cheaper than a round cut diamond. It also provides a high level of brilliance and offers plenty of light reflection.

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