10 Designs for Princess Cut Halo Engagement Rings

10 Designs for Princess Cut Halo Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Engagement Ring Designs

The clean looking and modern appearance of the princess cut halo diamond engagement rings have put them on high demand. Here is the collection of the best designs of princess cut halo diamond rings available in the market.

  • 14K White Gold Pave Halo & Shoulders Engagement Ring: This is the best option for you if you are looking for a diamond with lots of brilliance. There are a total of 42 melee diamonds surrounding the centre diamond.
  • Platinum Princess Cut Pave Halo Diamond Proposal Ring: The carefully selected round stones around the centre stone highlight the square shape of the cut and will win anyone’s heart.
  • 18K White Gold Split Shank Princess Shape Halo Diamond Ring: This one is made with 18K white gold and has a faux split shank design with 68 round diamonds. It has a carat weight of about 0.41. The center diamond is emphasized by the split shank.
  • Verragio DL-106P Twisted Princess Diamond Engagement Ring: This is an amazingly handcrafted princess halo ring made out of 14K white gold. The centre stone comes in a “floating manner” and the handmade detailing is the attraction of this piece.
  • Verragio ENG-0379 Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring: The square halo setting with the flashy split shank will catch anyone’s eye very easily. For the consistent appearance, the diamond melees are carefully hand-matched which gives excellent color and clarity.
  • Tacori Petite Crescent Celestial for Princess Shaped Diamond: The astonishing crescent detailing and the shank with the diamond, makes the ring shine like no other rings.
  • Verragio Dual Claw Princess Halo Diamond Engagement Ring: This is another stunning ring with a halo setting. The square halo around the centre stone features the brilliance and the shape of the stone. Additional depth and dimension is given to the stone by the convoluted sculpting along the shanks.
  • Verragio Dual-Tone Princess Cut with Halo Ring: This ring gives an illusion of a larger central stone than the original. There are two rows of diamonds on its shanks and rose gold shoulders give more beautiful and colorful look to the ring.
  • Sonora Halo Diamond Ring for Princess Cut: This ring has a halo setting which emphasizes the center stone. The rose gold color gives a romantic touch and also brings to notice the clean lines of the princess cut diamond.
  • Custom Split Shank Princess Halo Ring Setting- Brian Gavin: This is wonderful looking halo ring and the split shanks with the diamonds will allure anyone for sure.

The sparkle and brilliance of the princess cut halo engagement rings makes it appealing to the people. Also the additional diamonds in the split shanks make them more lovable.

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