Things to Know While Picking the Best Halo for your Center Diamond

Things to Know While Picking the Best Halo for your Center Diamond
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
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Halo settings are designed using center stones that will be surrounded by a loop of smaller stones. The concentric circle or square shaped diamonds make the center stone appear to be bigger and brilliant. Halos are most commonly paired with pave band, but can also stand on their own with a simple band. A double halo setting is made up of two concentric circles of stones that enclose the center diamond.

It is always a known fact that there will always be a halo setting for the shape of the diamond you chose, despite the style of diamond you choose. Halos are a unique way to enhance the look of the center stone of your wedding ring. Choosing a halo that compliments the shape of the center stone helps to make the cut look even more gorgeous. Read ahead to know more on various halo settings and click to find more about various diamond sizes and settings.

Princess Halo Diamond Ring

The choice of Princess Halo Diamond Ring is always a gorgeous one as it is a halo that has an extreme square shape and has sharp edges that give a geometric look to the ring. Many top diamond professionals advise to choose a princess cut diamond with cut corners to make its shape and beauty more prominent, thereby giving it a soft look.

Straight square halos will be a great choice for people who would like to add a unique touch to the ring-like rope migraine edging, as these will be well suited for the center stone.

Small Round-Cut Diamonds

Round-cut diamonds of either small or regular size gives a breathtaking look in cushion-shaped halos. The halo rings having paved set diamonds is one of the best options for an attractive cushion-shaped halo. Bombé-style halo engagement rings can give you a more fuller and romantic look.

Large Round-Cut Diamonds

Diamond experts mostly advise choosing halos with shared-prong-set diamonds if you are someone who would like to choose a halo for a round cut center which is usually on the larger side. Prong rounds give the halo a more captivating scallop like effect which highlights the large round center in a delicate manner.

Small Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds are well-known for its delicacy, feminine touch, and the alluring look it offers when it is paired with a good halo. Double-toned halos make the pink diamond more prominent and attractive. For example, a rose gold inner halo having pink rounds makes the center stone look bigger than its actual size whereas a white outer halo with white diamonds contributes more to the dazzle. These popular choices are great choices for pink center stones that are small in size.

Cushion-Cut Yellow Diamond

A Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond is a charming and tempting choice as it looks lovely with a shared prong setting that has white diamonds. The appearance of the shared prong with soft edges delivers a magical look to the cushion-cut diamond.

Marquise-Cut Diamond

A marquise-cut diamond is a classic diamond setting having marquise center stone placed north-south with a simply pave halo around the center diamond. A marquise-cut diamond having an east-west setting can be charming in a deceptive way, which creates a stand-out look for the center diamond.

Where to Buy Halo Engagement Rings?

Choosing on where and how to purchase a halo engagement ring is one of the most critical decisions while searching for rings. There is a possibility for brick and motor stores as well as online stores to overcharge you while offering low quality and value for your money.

Make it a point to always choose reputable diamond sellers who offer a large collection of diamonds and settings that allows you to choose the exact type of ring you want to have. Make sure to only buy a diamond that has an AGS or GIA certificate.

Advantages of Choosing a Halo Setting

Halo setting improves the appearance of the center diamond which is most probably of a smaller carat. It also increases the overall sparkle of the wedding/engagement ring because of the presence of the surrounding stones. Halo settings hold and protect the center diamond securely; it also supports as well as compliment different shapes of diamonds. It is possible to build contrast with a halo of different colored gemstones or metals.

A halo setting is one of the best options to save money on a diamond which is of smaller carat without compromising the overall appearance of your wedding ring. Most halo settings come in many interesting shapes where some of them look like flowers.

Disadvantages of Choosing a Halo Setting

One of the most common disadvantages of a halo setting is that the small stones near the side of the center stone can become loose over time. Resizing of the wedding/engagement ring can be difficult depending on the number of side stones that line the band.

These are a few things that you should keep in mind while picking the best halo for your center diamond. You may click to find out more.

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