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CBD is one of the fastest growing industries since 2019. Many people around the world are using CBD as a medicine for the treatment of conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders etc. It is also effective in the management of inflammatory pain as well as neuropathic pain. However, some people are using CBD as a nutritional supplement. Since CBD is a storehouse of proteins and vitamins, it is an alternative diet for vegans to have essential nutrients.

The number of CBD users is increasing on a daily basis. As per the reports from market studies, this increasing trend is expected to last till 2022. There are mainly two reasons for the increase in popularity of CBD. One is its medicinal and nutritional qualities and the other is its availability. Since the law making authorities have made it legal, it is easily available in many countries. However, the number of CBD buyers is high in online stores compared to normal stores. This has led to the emergence of so many unhealthy and low quality CBD products in the market. The following are some tips to find the best CBD products from the online market.

Never Choose Quantity Over Quality

One of the biggest mistakes committed by people while buying CBD is choosing the product that gives more quantity at a lesser price. CBD can be extracted by different methods. It can be extracted from the hemp plant as well as the cannabis plant. The plants can be cultivated organically and also with the help of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. All these practices can affect the quality of the final product. There might be many CBD products online that offer more quantity at a lower price. However, it is necessary to check the quality of the product before purchasing.

Examine The Third Party Certificate

As per the rules and regulations governing the sale of CBD products, it is mandatory for the manufacturers to produce a third party lab certificate along with every product. It is an assurance for the buyers about the quality, and authenticity of the product. While examining a third party certificate, the following matters should be checked for the better evaluation of a CBD product.

  • Credibility Of The Tested Lab

It is important to examine the credibility of the lab that certified a CBD product. There are many producers who are trying to sell low quality CBD products with forged certificates. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the lab is approved by agencies like ISO. It is also necessary to check whether the lab is a related party that is an associate or a subsidiary of the CBD manufacturing company. This is because if a lab has any direct or indirect relation with the manufacturer, they may not issue a genuine certificate even if the product is of low quality. In short, before examining the lab certificate, it is necessary to check the credentials of the laboratory that issued the certificate.

  • Date Of The Report

CBD is a natural substance and many CBD products like gummies and chocolates do not have much shelf life. These products may undergo some changes over time. It may become less effective than it was before, when kept for more than 6 months. Therefore, it is necessary to check the date of the lab certificate before buying the product. If the certificate is issued recently or if it is updated frequently, you can make sure that the product is of good quality. If the certificate is old, it may not provide a proper understanding on the current condition of the product.

Check The Proportion Of THC

If you are buying a CBD product, it is vital to check the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in it. THC is also a cannabinoid like CBD but it has the capacity to make the user psychoactive. Therefore, it is not advised by any legal or medical authority to use CBD products with a high concentration of THC. As per the rules, manufacturers are only allowed to offer CBD products having less than 0.30 percent of THC. Hence every person buying any CBD product must examine the proportion of THC in the product and make sure not to buy and also report to concerned authorities about CBD products with more than 0.30 percent THC.

Examine The Ingredients

Some CBD products like oils and capsules will have only few ingredients like the carrier oil, plant based gelatin, and CBD extract. But in some products like tinctures, and other edibles, the number of ingredients will be more. Some ingredients may be for flavoring purpose while some will be used to enhance the effectiveness of CBD. However, while purchasing a CBD product, if you see any ingredient in it which is not commonly seen in any other CBD products, it is better to search about its benefits and side effects. It is also better to choose products with additional vitamin B12 and melatonin because it adds to the benefits of CBD.

Check Whether The Source Of CBD Extract Is Specified

Some manufacturers are cultivating hemp plant on their own to get the best quality CBD to make their products. If it is not feasible for them to cultivate hemp plants, they will maintain close relation with hemp cultivators to get top quality extracts. In most of the CBD products, the manufacturers will mention whether the CBD is used from their own farm or the details of their source. On the other hand, some manufacturers will only mention the place of manufacturing and they will not mention anything about their source. If you are coming across such a product while shopping for CBD online, it is better not to buy the same. However, if the product is perfect for your need, it would be ideal to purchase it after having a background check about their source of CBD.

Make Sure The Product Is Not Contaminated

A CBD product can get contaminated or polluted in three different stages. First is during its cultivation, second during its extraction and finally during its conversion into a final product. CBD can be contaminated during its cultivation if the farmer uses chemical fertilizers instead of organic manure. If the producer uses substances like mineral oils for its extraction, the final product will carry its traces even if it is purified. And finally a CBD product will be contaminated if the manufacturer mixes any ingredient that can have a counter effect to CBD. Consumers can ensure that a product is not polluted by checking for the seal of any quality inspecting agency or by examining non contamination certificate in the website of the company.

Check The Type Of CBD Used

There are mainly three types of CBD, that is, CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD, and broad spectrum CBD. All these types of CBD have their own benefits and qualities. CBD products made from all these types of CBD are available in the market. However, in some places, full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD are illegal because it may contain a small proportion of THC. As mentioned earlier, all these type of CBD products have their own unique qualities. Therefore the consumer must understand which product is suitable for their needs and buy as required. It is also necessary to check the concentration of CBD in a product and make sure that it is appropriate for your conditions.

Price Of The Product

In most of the cases, the price of the product will be less in online markets compared to that in traditional markets. This is because the inventory cost, and other ancillary expenses are comparatively less in running an online store. As the price of CBD product is comparatively less in online store, it has led to an increase in number of people buying CBD online. However, before purchasing a CBD product online, make sure that the price of the product mentioned is same or below that is available in offline markets. It is also necessary to check whether there are any hidden charges like shipping charge or delivery charge in addition to the price of the product. In short, cross check the price of product in both the marketplaces and choose whichever is lower.

Reputation Of The Brand

There are many CBD products in the market. Some of them are offered by some existing pharmaceutical companies while others are brought up by new entrants. In addition to that, new products and manufacturers are entering CBD industry due to its increasing demand and potential opportunity. All the products that are available in the traditional market are also available in online markets. Even if the products are having similar properties, the quality of CBD used, and the manufacturing technique, etc. will be different. Therefore, to get the best quality product, it is better to buy them from recognized brands. The price may be little high for the branded products but you can ensure that their quality is not compromised. In online stores, you can go through the comments and feedbacks of the existing consumers to find good products.

The above mentioned are some things that must be considered while shopping for a CBD product from online stores. Some stores may offer products with low price and some may offer more quantity compared to products in the same price range. But you must make sure not to fall in any of these pits and choose the products with better quality even if the price is a tad high. CBD is a medicine and not any random food product. Hence you must give more consideration to the quality of the product.

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