Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Princess Cut Diamonds

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Princess Cut Diamonds
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Rings

A diamond ring that has a princess cut diamond as the centerpiece is known as a princess cut diamond ring. Square diamonds with pointy corners and dazzling faceting are known as princess cuts. With hundreds of people choosing princess cuts for their engagement rings, this diamond is gaining huge popularity.

Here are some of the major mistakes that you should avoid when purchasing princess cut halo diamond rings.

Uneven Contrast

The phrase “contrast” refers to the dark portions of your diamond. It serves as a dark backdrop against which white and rainbow sparkles stand out. As a result, diamonds with well-spaced contrast appear more gleaming than diamonds with insufficient contrast. Because of the sharp angles and huge table, contrast is more crucial in princess cuts than in other diamonds. As a result, don’t make the mistake of overlooking contrast.

Big Table Size

The table size and shape of a princess halo diamond ring are the most critical criteria in maintaining maximum shine, aside from contrast. This is due to the fact that smaller tables reflect more light and will have fewer fingerprints, which dull the shine. Regrettably, the majority of individuals are silent about the subject. In actuality, the industry standard simply addresses the fraction of the table that is used. Due to the fact that diamond tables are calculated from the widest point rather than the total size, 2 princesses with 73% tables can appear to be very different.

Abnormal Reflections

Deep pavilions in princess cuts can cause unsightly reflections in the stone. Therefore, you should avoid them. Princess cut diamond rings with unusual reflections can appear jagged or have an unusual pattern that you can’t quite place. Make sure to take a step back and examine the diamond. Take a few steps back and check to see if it’s symmetrical and appealing. Also, see if there are any oddly broken patterns. Odd reflections should never be chosen because they detract from a stone’s beauty.

Tips That Are Colored

If the diamond’s tips appear dingy, don’t purchase it. Since color can cluster in diamond tips, making sure all 4 tips of your princess cut diamond are lovely and white is critical. So take a seat and take a long look at your gem. Don’t be fooled into buying a stone with heated tips; they will detract from the brilliance of your princess cut diamond ring and won’t look well against the setting.

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