Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Style Diamond Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Style Diamond Rings
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So, you are all set to propose to your lady love? Needless to mention, choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring is extremely important in this case and you are likely to be on the hunt for the same. One of the outrageous options these days is a princess cut halo diamond ring. This type of rings is admired for the inimitable sparkle and classy appeal it offers. Plus, a princess halo diamond ring is likely to give the best bang for your bucks since the surrounding diamonds are likely to make the center diamond look bigger and more brilliant.

Apart from the main diamond, you must also consider other factors such as its style, setting, metal, etc. All these factors play a major role when it comes to the price as well as to define the unique style and personality of the wearer. One of the main factors that most people tend to overlook in this case is the diamond engagement ring shoulder styles.

The diamond ring shoulders can be defined as the region between the band or the shank of a ring and the setting that securely holds the resplendent diamond. Do you know that these diamond ring shoulders can be designed with much diversity to suit the style of different people? Some of the popular styles that you can consider when designing your diamond shoulders are given below.

Parallel shoulder engagement rings

Parallel shoulders will be a great choice for couples who admire traditional designs. In this type of diamond ring setting, the shoulders of the ring feature constant thickness and do not widens or thicken as it approaches the center diamond, unlike the contemporary diamond ring settings. This will give a certain feel of uniformity to the overall design.

Tapered shoulder diamond rings

Unlike parallel shoulder diamond rings, the tapered shoulder designs tend to feature narrow shoulders as the name indicates. In other words, the diamond shoulders tend to get narrow as it approaches the center stone in this setting. This contrasting appeal between the band thickness and diamond is perfect to accentuate the stone to the fullest. Hence, tapered shoulders are used to set diamonds with relatively low carat weight sizes. Additionally, the underside of the ring is designed substantially thick so the factors such as age, resizing, etc., will not affect its durability.

Channel set shoulder diamond rings

This will be a great choice for all the couples who love to add some tiny diamonds on each side of the main gemstone. Needless to mention, the diamonds will be set in a channel made on the band in channel set shoulder rings. Additionally, you may consider either parallel or tapered shoulders to emphasize the beauty of diamonds in this design.

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