Comparison between Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Comparison between Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
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If you have followed new fashion trends, you might know about the trending value of rose gold in engagement rings. Have you ever wondered why rose gold engagement rings become more trending over the traditional yellow gold engagement rings? In this article, let’s have a comparison between them and discover what features of a rose engagement ring attract brides.

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold Alloys

As you all know, gold at its purest form is not suitable for making jewelry pieces because of its softness. Jewelry made with pure gold will lose its shape and wear out quickly. So we add certain metal alloys to make the gold harder. These alloys offer different color variations of gold namely yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Yellow gold is a combination of gold with copper, zinc or silver. These alloys make the gold stronger and durable. 10K, 12K, 14K, and 18K are the most common grades of yellow gold. On the other hand, rose gold which is also called as pink gold or red gold is a combination of pure gold with copper and sometimes silver. The presence of copper gives reddish color to the rose gold.

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold Durability

While comparing rose gold with yellow gold, rose gold engagement rings have the highest durability because of its copper content. They do not require any plating and are less likely to have scratches or chips. But yellow gold engagement rings may get scratches and chips very easily. They may even lose their shape and luster within a short period of time. Therefore, the yellow gold rings require more maintenance than the rose gold rings.

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold Popularity

Yellow gold engagement rings are the most popular choice of brides over 2000 years. Even today, when we go for traditional engagement ring, yellow gold will be our choice. Rose gold is a new addition to the jewelry world which was first created in Russia. Rose gold engagement rings gained wide popularity during the 1920s and was out fashioned by the arrival of white gold. However, today rose gold gained back its popularity by being a trend in engagement rings.

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold Skin Tone

While choosing an engagement ring, always go for the one which suits your skin tone. A rose gold engagement ring suits every bride. But yellow gold engagement rings look particularly beautiful against some skin tones only.

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