Best Ring Settings To Protect Your Princess Cut Diamond

Best Ring Settings To Protect Your Princess Cut Diamond
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

Princess-cut diamonds are adored for their square shape and edgy look. The sharp corners of princess diamonds make them a unique option in comparison with other diamond shapes. The pointed, sharp corners of princess-cut diamonds are one of the most important attractions of these stones people love. However, this particular diamond cut has its own disadvantages too.

Even though the sharp corners of princess diamonds add to their beauty and offer them a unique look, they can increase the risk of chipping. Hence, princess-cut diamonds are more vulnerable to chipping when compared to other diamond shapes that come with rounded corners. Therefore, it is important for you to take great care when choosing a setting for your princess diamond.

The ring setting should be able to offer better protection to the corners of your princess diamonds. There are several stunning ring settings that can offer improved protection to these stones. Some of them are:

V-Prong Setting

Ordinary prong settings may not protect the corners of your princess diamonds well. Therefore, choosing such settings can put your diamonds at a higher risk of chipping.

But the V-prong setting is specifically designed to protect the sharp corners of diamonds. It covers the pointed corners using metal so that they can be protected from hits and bumps.

The V-prong setting is one of the best settings for diamond shapes that come with sharp corners. It is also commonly used for other diamond shapes including pear and marquise-cut diamonds.

One of the best benefits associated with a V-prong setting is that it can provide better visibility for the stone along with enhancing its brilliance.

Bezel Setting

This setting covers the entire circumference of your princess diamond with metal thereby offering it better security. The metal can protect your stones from direct hits and bumps.

But this setting can reduce the visibility and brilliance of your diamond when compared to other settings.

Halo Setting

A Princess halo diamond ring can be a great choice for people who want to offer improved protection for princess diamonds along with enhancing their brilliance. Princess cut halo diamond rings will have small diamonds covering the center diamond, hence, they can prevent direct blows to your diamonds.

These settings can be a great option if you want to provide better protection for your princess diamonds.

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