An Introduction To Composite Diamond Ring Style

An Introduction To Composite Diamond Ring Style
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring

Are you seeking a big and less expensive diamond ring for your engagement? If yes, one with the composite diamond style may be what you want. This show-stopping diamond engagement ring style has been around for quite a while now. What makes it appealing to customers is that it offers them the same glamor and sparkle as a big diamond, typically at a relatively lower price. Furthermore, you can find different forms of engagement jewelry pieces in this style, including princess cut halo diamond ring options.

What Do Composite Diamonds Mean?

Here, the word ‘composite’ refers to small gemstones that are attentively put together to give the impression of one bigger-looking diamond. The diamonds can be set on a ring band in a manner that causes those to appear in the form of one gem. It is also possible to glue those stones together for doublets or even triples set in the same manner as one, bigger gem would be.

How Much Do The Diamonds Cost?

These gems are less expensive than one big diamond with the same weight as them. Why? Because the stones allow jewelers to execute complex designs through lower profiles and relatively less upfront cost. A composite princess diamond halo ring may be viewed as one of those pieces, but there are other more complex ones in the market.

Composite diamond jewelry may appear to be budget-friendly at first, but it could be a costly piece in the long term. That has to do with the product’s repairs and maintenance over time. It also depends on the specific setting technique. For instance, if one ring has glued/bluff diamonds, then repair would be costlier than another with a different setting technique. Why? Because the former diamonds are cheaper as compared to the other stones.

That means the future repair expense is among the things to consider when buying a piece of jewelry with this style. A ring with composite diamonds could require spending a lot in the event of it needing future repairs. It can also be difficult to find the right replacement for the missing gemstone in the ring. For instance, if that piece has an invisible ring setting, it would be possible to repair it with only notched diamonds. The thing with that situation is that only wholesalers usually have a lot of notched diamonds in stock.

If you are looking for a beautiful diamond, but want to remain budget-conscious, we suggest filtering your diamond search first by price. A lot of online diamond retailers make searching by budget a breeze.   From there you can continue to search for your dream diamond knowing confidently that you can afford all of the options presented to you.

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