Marquise-Cut Vs Princess-Cut Diamonds

Marquise-Cut Vs Princess-Cut Diamonds
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring

Marquise and princess-cut diamonds are two entirely different diamond shapes that greatly vary in terms of their features. However, these diamond shapes are preferred by a lot of people for their elegant and distinct look. Sometimes, you can get confused between different diamond shapes even if they do not have any features in common.

If you are looking for different diamond shapes that can offer a distinct look from traditional round diamonds, then both marquise and princess diamonds can be suitable for you. If you want to know more about these diamond shapes, this article can be helpful for you, as we offer some of the important details you want to know about them.

Marquise Diamonds

With their rounded center and pointed edges, marquise diamonds create a unique option for your diamond rings. This diamond features the shape of your eyes and it creates a special allure with its unique shape.

However, marquise diamonds are not very popular in engagement rings like round or princess diamonds. Hence, they can be a wonderful option for people who are looking for unique options for their engagement rings.

Marquise-cut diamonds can be flattering, as they can make your fingers look longer and slender because of their elongated shape. Marquise diamonds have a great history, and this diamond shape originated in the 18th century during the period of King Luis XV. This diamond shape was one of the popular options among royalty during the ancient days.

One of the disadvantages associated with marquise diamonds is that the pointed corners of this shape can make them vulnerable to chipping and damage. Therefore, when choosing a setting for your marquise diamonds, make sure to choose an option that protects their pointed corners.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

The princess-cut diamond is a popular option in engagement rings. It offers a modern look along with creating spectacular brilliance. You can make your princess diamond even more brilliant by choosing a princess cut halo diamond ring. Princess-cut diamonds are more brilliant than marquise diamonds, hence, they can be a great option for people who are looking for brilliant diamonds. Getting a princess halo diamond ring helps you to enhance the shine of your princess diamonds.

Princess diamonds have a square shape and they come with sharp corners. Therefore, this diamond shape can also be prone to chipping like marquise diamonds.

So if you want a brilliant diamond with a modern look, then princess diamonds can be a great choice for you. But if you prefer something unique with an antique touch, then marquise diamonds can be your best bet.

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