How To Pick Good Diamonds For Beginners

How To Pick Good Diamonds For Beginners
Best Store To Buy Diamond Ring
Best Store To Buy Diamond Ring

Diamonds are magnificent works of art that come right from beneath the ground and anything this special has price tag tied to it with an unforeseen number of zeros. Especially while making a buy this big, or for an occasion that is very special such as proposing to your future wife or surprising her with a sparkling diamond for the 20th wedding anniversary, can be a little intimidating.

You know absolutely nothing about diamonds and now you are expected to spend thousands of dollars on something you don’t completely understand! You have every reason to be worried. But we are here to tell you that it is not needed. Like for every problem in life, there is a solution and you did the right thing by clicking on us to give you that solution!

First things first, Go to a good jeweller!

Seeking The Guidance Of A Good Jeweller

Research heavily and read review on the various jewellers in your city. Find best store to buy diamond ringeven if you need to drive out of town to get to them, do it; trust me it is worth it especially thousands of dollars are on the line. Make sure that they have positive things on themselves and a proper certification from GIA to back up the claim. Make sure to go to a store and not buy a diamond online; you are not ready for that!

The 4C’s: Your Right Hand Man

Even if you are a veteran in the field of selecting prime diamond pieces, one thing you will always keep in mind are the 4C’s. These are used as yard sticks to filter out the best quality diamond rings, necklace or a bracelet.

The 4C’s are the Carat weight, Colour grade, Clarity grade and Cut grade.

Cut Grade: By far one of the most important marks of a good diamond is how well-proportionately the diamond’s dimensions are. It is after all what creates the sparkle and brilliance. The best cuts are ideal and Very good and the worst ones being Fair or Poor.

Colour Grade: White diamonds are the rarest with other colours like blue and green being a little less rare. The grading varies from D (colourless) to Z (Light brown or yellow). Grade colour D is the priciest.

Clarity Grade: Diamonds have minor imperfection and blemishes in them. The more they are, the lesser is the value. These natural inclusions are inevitable and go a long way in determining cost. Grading ranges from Flawless (FL) to Slightly included (SI).

Carat Grade: It means the diamond’s weight and not its size. Large carat weight doesn’t mean better diamonds. Diamonds that have smaller carat weight have better cut grade and are worth more than large carat weight diamonds cut poorly. Remember to splurge on Cut, not Carat!

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