Frequently Asked Questions about Black Diamonds

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Diamonds
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Many people out there are not aware of the fascinating range of colors diamonds are available in. On contrary to the standard and most sought-after colorless diamonds, you can find these natural gemstones in many other colors as well such as red, blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, violet, champagne, purple, gray, fancy black and fancy white.

Black diamonds

Unlike all other colored diamonds, fancy black diamonds are entirely opaque making them stand out from the rest. These stones are regarded as one of the most valuable, precious, and beautiful diamonds. The diamond got even popular when it was featured in the popular drama series ‘sex and the city’. Plus, many celebrities started stepping out flaunting mesmerizing black diamond rings. One of the most popular choices is a black princess diamond halo ring.

However, black diamonds are quite affordable when compared to most other colored diamonds despite all this hype. However, diamond buyers are likely to have a ton of questions regarding black diamonds and their properties. If you are also one among those people, you may refer to the frequently asked questions about black diamonds.

What are black diamonds?

This is one of the rarest and precious colored diamonds that comes only in one color intensity called fancy black. Note that most colored diamonds feature a vanity of color intensities ranging from faint to dark vivid. Other diamond variants that come in just one color intensity are red and white. Fancy white diamonds are also opaque like fancy black diamonds. However, red diamonds do not share this property. When it comes to the reason behind the color of black diamonds, it is still unknown. However, it is speculated to be the random clustering and graphite inclusions within the gemstone.

What is the significance of black diamonds?

Black diamonds are coveted for their artistic appeal and dark allure. Even though these gemstones are often used in men’s’ diamond rings as a symbol of their masculine nature, women love this dark beauty as well. Usually, black color is regarded as the symbol of modern women who are self-confident, independent, and authoritative. A black princess cut halo diamond ring or a simple solitaire ring will look just exceptional.

Are black diamonds real?

Natural fancy black diamonds are real gemstones that are formed naturally beneath the earth crust. These stones are not subjected to any kind of treatments and buyers will get it as they are found on the earth. However, it will be well-polished and cut to enhance its visual appeal. Note that you can barely find such natural black diamonds and if found, it will be extremely expensive based on its color intensity and carat weight. Furthermore, some black diamonds are formed with less color intensity and such diamonds will be color-enhanced before selling. These black diamonds will be less expensive than their natural fancy counterparts.

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