Why We Need Comprehensive Grading, More Than The 4c’s

Why We Need Comprehensive Grading, More Than The 4c’s
Best Quality Diamond Rings
Best Quality Diamond Rings

All over the diamond industry, one of the ways to grade and classify value and worth to diamonds have been the 4C’s-a gold standard, if I may say. But like everything else, it may be starting to show age. There may be a need to adopt a newer and more updated method of grading. Many of the retailers and jewelers are requesting for a more comprehensive method of diamond grading. We are here to build the case as to why we need that.

There Is A Shift In The Consumer Needs

One needs to understand that technology when married with vast knowledge resources means that customers are much more well-informed and more tech savvy. They are more wary about what they spend their money on and want to ensure that they get the best quality diamond rings for their dollar. They heavily research on the jeweler and the diamonds that are placed on the display trays. They aren’t the sort who would simply nod their head in agreement over anything the sales rep spits out about the diamonds grading. Customers nowadays demand a sense of transparency when it comes to the grading, value and source. The consumers also demand for higher traceability, accuracy in the readings and more reliability.

The Need For More Sophisticated Standards When It Comes To Diamond Beauty

More aware consumers mean that there is an expectation for more sophisticated and more brilliant pieces of diamond wear. The diamond industry has become extremely competitive as a result and there is cut-throat rivalry amongst the jewelers. They are finding better ways to set their diamonds apart from the rest of the competition and ultimately attract more customers to their diamond collection. Due to this, there is higher expectation and demand for unique diamond-cuts, better precision in grading and higher standards of cutting.

Grading Tech Is Getting Advanced

The 4C’s is something that has been around since the turn of the 20th century, and the quality of the grading and the quality of cuts of diamond rings were decided by the gemmologist. Over the years, there is an inclusion of other parameters to grade the diamonds better, and not just the experience and “eye for detail” of the gemmologist. Implementation of AI (artificial intelligence) enabled a whole new level of complex grading parameters to be set in place that allowed for higher levels of customization and accuracy that was unheard of.

There is a need for a more updated form of grading that is able to keep up with present times and expectations that are exerted by the diamond market.

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