Picking Halo Settings for Different Diamond Shapes

Picking Halo Settings for Different Diamond Shapes
Princess Diamond Cut
Different Diamond Designs

These days, it is possible to pick any diamond shape you fancy and then get it studded in the middle of a halo setting. Halos are a great way to bring up the dazzle factor on any ring, as well as accentuate the center rock in all the best possible ways. One of the best ways to make any cut look more beautiful than it already does is finding a halo setting that suits it well.

Halos for Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess diamond cut is a classic choice when selecting a colorless gemstone, mainly due to the dazzle it delivers. When looking for a halo to go around this, you should probably stay away from overly square types with sharp edges. Instead, go in for one that carries cut corners, which would be able to properly emphasize the beauty of the center rock. Throw in flattering extras such as a pavé double shank, and a lot could be achieved in terms of overall visual enhancement.

Halos for Small Round Cut Diamonds

Regular-sized or small round cut diamonds can be made to look extremely beautiful by setting them in cushion-shaped halos. Here too, pavé-set stones can be a stunning option. If aiming for a highly romantic look, consider getting a bombé-style halo set around the center rock.

Halos for Big Round Cut Diamonds

For a center stone fashioned in the round cut and weighing on the heavier side, few options can beat a halo comprising diamonds in a shared-prong arrangement. This would impart the halo with the appearance of a scallop, which not only captivates the observer, but also pushes out the center stone in the best possible way.

Halos for Small Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are decidedly feminine, and beautiful when coupled with the right halo. For a smaller stone, you could go with a tow-toned double halo, and have the center diamond stand out exquisitely as a result. Pick a warm band metal like rose gold, and then halo the stone with white diamonds to boost its shine. There are plenty of avenues to explore here, but bear the color of the stone in mind when making a choice.

Halos for Cushion Cut Yellow Diamonds

First off, a diamond of this kind is meant to be enticing, and it certainly hits the marks, assuming clarity is at a decent notch. A shared prong setting is capable of taking it much further, and would fit excellently with the soft edges of the stone.

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