Frequently Asked Questions about Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Frequently Asked Questions about Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Settings
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The halo diamond ring setting is one of the most popular and timeless options that is ruling the diamond ring industry. In halo engagement ring setting, the center diamond will be encircled with diamonds accents in order to create the illusion of a huge solitaire. This type of diamond ring setting is ideal for all diamond shapes.

Depending on your desirable center diamond size, you can choose single, double, or triple halo. Otherwise, you may go for a floating halo diamond ring setting in order to create an illusion of your center diamond floating in the air. As a result of the pool of halo diamond ring options available, it is quite natural for the buyers to have many doubts regarding the same. Some of those frequently asked questions are given below.

What are the Upsides of Choosing Halo Diamond Ring Setting?

As mentioned, the main objective to halo setting is to make the center diamond look bigger than its actual carat weight. Additionally, you can highlight the main gemstone of your engagement ring to the fullest by encircling it with a halo of colorful accents. One of the popular examples, in this case, is the iconic sapphire halo diamond ring of Kate Middleton.

Halo setting can also provide better sparkle than a solitaire of similar carat weight. Another upside is that the tiny diamonds around the main gemstone will protect it from harmful objects and external shocks.

What is the Most Popular Option for Halo Setting?

Even though halo setting is ideal for almost every diamond shape, a diamond princess cut halo engagement ring will be the supreme choice. In case you love vintage or sophisticated designs, you may consider a double halo princess cut diamond ring as well. This type of rings will cover a maximum surface area of your finger. Note that you will have to break your bank in order to own a princess cut solitaire of similar carat weight.

What is the Difference between a Halo Setting and a Cluster Setting?

The main objective of both these settings is to create an illusion of huge solitaire when viewed from a distance. Hence, it will be really a challenging task for an untrained eye to spot the difference between a halo diamond ring and a cluster diamond ring. The main difference between these two settings is that the former will have a center diamond.

On the other hand, the cluster diamond ring setting will have numerous tiny diamonds clustered together in order to mimic the look of a huge solitaire. Here, you will not be able to highlight a single stone like the halo diamond ring setting.

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