Can You Get Eternity Bands As Your Engagement Ring?

Can You Get Eternity Bands As Your Engagement Ring?
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

When planning to get engagement rings, most people go for a solitaire, round brilliant, or princess halo diamond ring. However, there are a lot of stunning and unique options available for you to choose from if you prefer something distinct. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional round or princess cut halo diamond rings, then one of the best options you can consider is eternity bands.

Most people usually choose eternity bands as their wedding rings. However, it is also possible for you to get them as your engagement ring too. If you want something that offers a unique look, then eternity band engagement rings can be a wonderful idea.

If you are planning to get an eternity band for your engagement ring, then some important things you have to know about this option are mentioned below:

What Is An Eternity Band?

Eternity bands include small diamonds that are set all the way around the band. It creates an endless circle of small gemstones, hence, the name eternity.

Any diamond shape can be used for eternity rings including round, princess, baguette, etc. You can also set other gemstones on your eternity rings including sapphires and rubies. Alternating between gemstones of different colors creates a wonderful way to customize your eternity band engagement ring. For example, you can create a stunning contrast by alternating between colorless diamonds and blue sapphires.

In addition to using as engagement rings and wedding bands, eternity rings are also a popular anniversary gift. Additionally, you can gift eternity bands for your loved ones irrespective of the occasion, as they create a simple and stunning piece of jewelry.

Pros Of Eternity Bands

Some of the benefits of getting an eternity band as your engagement ring are listed below:

They Are Unique: They can be a distinct option when compared to traditional solitaire and halo rings that are commonly used as engagement rings.

They Are Gender-Neutral: Eternity rings suit both men and women alike.

They Are Luxurious: The small gemstones circling the entire band give eternity rings a luxurious look.

Cons Of Eternity Bands

You should be aware of the disadvantages associated with eternity rings before using them as your engagement ring:

They Cannot Be Resized: As diamonds are covering the entire circumference of the ring, eternity rings cannot be resized.

You can easily pair your eternity engagement ring with a plain wedding band. It is also possible to use eternity rings as both engagement rings and wedding bands.

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